Executive Order 325-A

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Whereas by an act of Congress which received Executive approval on February 23, 1887, all officers or agents of the United States were as a matter of public policy forbidden, under appropriate penalties, to hire or contract out the labor of any criminals who might thereafter be confined in any prison, jail, or other place of incarceration for the violation of any laws of the Government of the United States of America;

It is hereby ordered, that all contracts which shall hereafter be entered into by officers or agents of the United States involving the employment of labor in the States composing the Union, or the Territories of the United States contiguous thereto, shall, unless otherwise provided by law, contain a stipulation forbidding, in the performance of such contracts, the employment of persons undergoing sentences of imprisonment at hard labor which have been imposed by courts of the several States, Territories, or municipalities having criminal jurisdiction.

Signature of Theodore Roosevelt
Theodore Roosevelt
The White House,
May 18, 1905.


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