Executive Order 375-B

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The following is the description from the Department of War's General Order No. 204 of 1905, not the actual order text, which was in the form of an approval of a recommendation from the Secretary of War.

The President of the United States, by order dated November 27, 1905, reserved for military purposes, to wit, for the purpose of water supply to Fort William H. Seward, District of Alaska, all public lands on Chilkat Inlet, Alaska, included within metes and bounds as follows:

Beginning at a point on the west shore of Chilkat Inlet marked by a hole drilled in the south end of a granite boulder, the exposed portion of which is approximately two feet wide and four feet long, which point bears south 44° 59′ west, 11,043 feet from the granite monument on the east shore of said inlet marking the northern boundary of the Fort Wm. H. Seward Military Reservation; running thence along the western shore of Chilkat Inlet, following the meanderings thereof to a point marked by a hole drilled in the south end of a detached rock approximately fifteen feet wide, thirty feet long, and sixteen feet high, which point bears north 51° 06′ 30″ west, 8,578.4 feet from the place of beginning; thence south 38° 03′ west, to the summit of the ridge determining the boundary line of the watershed tributary to the stream that flows into Chilkat Inlet about 3 miles northwesterly from Pyramid Harbor; thence following said boundary line in a westerly, southerly, easterly, and northerly direction to its intersection with a line bearing south 51° 15′ west, from the place of beginning; thence north 51° 15′ east, to the place of beginning.
The above bearings are all referred to a line from corner No. 1 of the U. S. Military Reservation on the west shore of Chilkoot Inlet to the above-mentioned granite monument on the east shore of Chilkat Inlet, the bearing of which computed from the original description is south 69° 11′ 15″ west, and as a further tie the U. S. I. M. cor. No. 1 on Pyramid Island bears south 12° 59′ east from said monument.

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