Executive Order 611

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It is hereby ordered that paragraph 172 of the regulations prescribed for the use of the consular service of the United States be so amended as to read as follows:

Registration of American Citizens.—Principal consular officers should keep at their offices a register of all American citizens residing in their several districts, and will therefore make it known that such a register is kept and invite all resident Americans to cause their names to be entered therein. The same general principles govern applications for registry which govern applications for passports. (Paragraph 151.)

The register should show the date of registration, the full name of the person registered, the date and place of his birth, the place of his last domicile in the United States, the date of his arrival in the foreign country where he is residing and his place of residence therein, the reasons for his foreign residence, whether or not he is married and if married the name of his wife, her place of birth and residence, and if he has children the name, date, and place of birth and residence of each. The nature of the proof accepted to establish his citizenship should also appear, and his signature should be inscribed in the register.

Consuls may issue certificates of the registration prescribed above for use with the authorities of the place where the person registered is residing. Each certificate shall set forth the facts contained in the register and shall be good for use for one year only and shall be in a form prescribed by the Secretary of State (Form No. _____.). When a certificate expires a new one may be issued, the old one being destroyed, if it is clearly shown that the residence abroad has not assumed a permanent character. Persons who hold passports which have not expired shall not be furnished with certificates of registration, and it is strictly forbidden to furnish them to be used for traveling in the place of passports. Returns of all registrations made and of all certificates of registration issued shall be made to the embassy or legation in the country in which the consulate is situated and to the Secretary of State at intervals and under regulations to be prescribed by him. No fee will be charged for registration nor for any service connected therewith, nor for certificates of registration.

This paragraph shall go into effect July 1, 1907.

Signature of Theodore Roosevelt
Theodore Roosevelt.

The White House,

April 8, 1907.

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