Executive Order 737

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The following-described tract of public land at Minto, in the Territory of Alaska, is hereby reserved from sale or other disposition, subject to private rights, if any there be, and set apart as a military reservation for the use of the Signal Corps, U. S. Army, in the matter of the operation of telegraph lines in Alaska, viz:

That tract of land included within metes and bounds as follows:

Beginning at a spruce post on the bank of the Tanana River and marked "Stake No. 1;" thence N. 18° 00′ E., 1,370 feet to a blazed spruce tree marked "Stake No. 2;" thence N. 72° 00′ W., 1,320 feet to a blazed spruce tree marked "Stake No. 3;" thence S. 18° 00′ W., 1,660 feet to a blazed cottonwood tree marked "Stake No. 4" on the bank of the Tanana River; thence in an easterly direction, following the meanderings of said river, approximately 1,320 feet, to "Stake No. 1," the point of beginning. Area, 45.91 acres, more or less. The bearings are true.

Signature of Theodore Roosevelt
Theodore Roosevelt.

The White House

January 18, 1908.

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