Executive Order 773

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It is hereby ordered that the following land and water surfaces on Resurrection Bay, at a place known as Lowell Point, situate on Kenai Peninsula, and represented upon United States Coast and Geodetic Survey chart No. 8538 as being in approximate longitude 149° 27′ west, latitude 60° 04′ north, in Alaska, containing about 3,350 acres, be, and the same are hereby, reserved for use of the Navy Department as a coaling depot, subject to any existing vested rights of persons within the limits described, viz:

Beginning at extreme low water and extending thence due west (true) to a post about, 20 feet from high water, at the foot of land slide just north of the shoal off the northeast side of Lowell Point and 500 feet south of a waterfall, said post bearing the legend "U. S. Naval Reservation," and extending thence due west-southwest (true) up the face of the bluff to the backbone of the ridge and following the backbone of the ridge in a generally westerly direction to the peak marked "4000" on United States Coast and Geodetic Survey chart No. 8538; thence due south (true) to the peak marked "3020" on above-named chart; thence continuing due south (true) to Tonsina Creek and across said creek to the right bank; thence following the right bank of said creek to its mouth; thence due east (true) to extreme low water; thence following extreme low water to point of beginning, including all rights in and to the waters of Tonsina Creek, its branches and tributaries, without and within the limits above described.

Executive Order No. 760, dated February 21, 1908, reserving said tract of land for naval purposes, is hereby revoked.

Signature of Theodore Roosevelt
Theodore Roosevelt.

The White House,

March 23, 1908.

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