Exeter, William of (DNB00)

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EXETER, WILLIAM of, a name belonging, as it seems, to more than one person commemorated by biographers: 1. The author of certain ‘Determinationes’ against Ockham, ‘De Mendicitate, contra fratres,’ ‘Pro Ecclesiæ Paupertate,’ and ‘De Generatione Christi,’ who is said to have been a doctor of divinity and canon of Exeter, and who may be presumed to have written between about 1320 and 1340. 2. The author of a course of sermons on the Beatitudes, who must have flourished much earlier than the above-named William, since the Laudian manuscript of his work (Laud. MS., Miscell. 368, f. 106, Bodl. Libr.) cannot be later than the beginning of the thirteenth century; yet this writer's death is placed by Wood in 1365. 3. A third William of Exeter was physician to Queen Philippa, and held a variety of church preferments, which are enumerated by Tanner; among them was the precentorship of Lincoln. He is said to have graduated in arts, medicine, and theology, but no writings are assigned to him.

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