Fahed Abdullah Ahmad Ghazi's statement prepared for his first annual Administrative Review Board on 2006/09/26

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I am not here to discuss the accusations against me nor to answer your questions. This is because I do not know the court rules and I have no lawyer to help me. In the previous tribunal I discussed these very accusations against me and presented evidence to support my innocence but sadly this did not work in my favour However, now I would like to tell you some things about myself.

I travelled from Yemen at a young age. I knew nothing about international laws and the state of the world. I was only seventeen years old at the time. I had just completed my high school exams and had not yet received the results thereof. For this reason I intended to return to Yemen after one month so as to continue my education to university level. This way I would develop and enlighten my mind as well as acquire a job that would enable me to spend on myself and my family. (That is; my wife and my baby daughter whom I did not see except for five days in a two month period.) I then travelled when she was only two months old.

It is clear to see why I miss them greatly and all I wish is to meet and rejoin them in order to fulfil my duty as a father and husband. To take good care of them as they are in desperate need of me. The same applies to my mother and younger brothers due to the fact that my father passed away and left them dependent upon me. My mother used to spend on and look after me hoping that one day I would complete my studies and get a job with a salary which could support our life.

I have been classified as an enemy combatant in the past months and sadly I do not know why. However, I am not concerned with the past. What is important to me is the future hence I bear no inner grudge nor enemity towards America nor anyone else. I have not and will not do anything that is against America or threatens its security.

All I hope for upon release is to meet my wife and daughter, my mother and brothers and to live an independent life with them. To complete my studies and get a decent job.

It is possible to notice this from my conduct and behaviour in the four years I have spent in detention. Be it with the guards or the interrogators or other detainees. I have never been punished for causing problems and my record bears witness to that. My file is free from problems and punishments.

Thank you for listening and for having given me an opportunity to speak to you.

Fahd . Sep 30 2005