Fasting for the cure of disease

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Linda Burfield Hazzard, F. S., D. O.


(Fourth edition)

Dr. Linda Burfield Hazzard

Published by
The Physical Culture Publising
New York City, U. S. A.


All rights of foreign translation reserved.


Linda Burfield Hazzard, D.O., F.S. Frontispiece
Mrs. J. Case of Obesity . Following Page 30
Mrs. J., at End of Thirty four Day Fast Preceding Page 31
J. G. Case of Addiction to Drugs Following Page 42
J. G. Six Months After Completion of Fast Preceding Page 43
R. J. Case of Malnutrition and Spinal Curvature Facing Page 67
Alimentary Canal ""209
B. H. Case of Intestinal Disorder in One-year-old Child ""209
R. M. Case of Bronchial Pneumonia in Four-year-old Child ""213
A. H. Case of Serious Chronic Stomach Disease ""277
Mrs. E. S. Case of Biliousness During Pregnancy ""280
Two Fasting Subjects F. T. and J. T. ""284

Appetite is Craving; Hunger is Desire. Craving is never satisfied; but Desire is relieved when Want is Supplied.

Eating without Hunger, or pandering to Appetite at the expense of Digestion, makes Disease inevitable.

Some, as thou saws't, by violent stroke shall die, By fire, flood, famine; by intemperance more In meats and drinks, which on the Earth shall bring Diseases dire, of which a monstrous crew Before thee shall appear, that thou mays't know What misery the inabstinence of Eve Shall bring on men.

If thou well observe - The rule of "Not too much" by temperance taught In what thou eat'st and drink'st, seeking from thence Due nourishment, not gluttonous delight. Till many years over thy head return; So may'st thou live, till, like ripe fruit, thou drop Into thy mother's lap, or be with ease Gathered, not harshly plucked, for death mature. John Milton, "Paradise Lost." xv

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