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A Fragment may refer to:

Anne Brontë[edit]

Rupert Brooke[edit]

  • "Fragment" (I strayed about the deck, an hour, to-night)

George Gordon Byron[edit]

  • "A Fragment" (When, to their airy hall, my Fathers' voice)
  • "A Fragment" (Could I remount the river of my years)
  • "A Fragment" (short story, In the year 17—, having for some time determined on a journey through countries not hitherto much frequented by travellers,)
  • "Fragment" (Hills of Annesley, Bleak and Barren)

Guy Wetmore Carryl[edit]

  • "A Fragment" (When she is forward, querulous, or wild)

Samuel Taylor Coleridge[edit]

  • "Fragment" ( The body, / Eternal Shadow of the finite Soul)

Anne Finch[edit]

  • "Fragment" (Peace! where art thou to be found?)
  • "Fragment" (So here confined, and but to female clay)

Roderick J. Flanagan[edit]

  • "A Fragment" (The Roman's force in war and warlike arts)

James Elroy Flecker[edit]

Maria Konopnicka[edit]

  • "Fragment" (I come not, nightingales, to join your lay)

Letitia Elizabeth Landon[edit]

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow[edit]

Clark Ashton Smith[edit]

Jan z Wojkowicz[edit]

William Wordsworth[edit]