Fragments (Smyth)

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Fragment 1[edit]

(Athenaeus, Deipnosophists, ii. 6. p. 37F; cp. vii. 100. p. 316B.) <poem> The one was cast into the three-legged cauldron of the house, that ever kept its place above the fire.

Fragment 2[edit]

Taking out with bronze flesh-hooks


Fragment 3[edit]

(Macrobius, Saturnalia v. 19. 24.) A. What name, then, shall mortals put upon them? B. Zeus commandeth that they be called the holy Palici. A. And shall the name “Palici” abide as rightly given? B. Aye, for they shall “come back” from darkness to this light.


Fragment 4[edit]

(Ammonius, On Words of like Form but different Meaning 37 (Valckenaer), Bachmann, Anecdota Graeca, ii. 375. 8)

It is thy fate to be my wife; mine to be thy husband.

Fragment 5[edit]

(Athenaeus, Deipnosophists xv. 41. p. 490C.)

And for my part I [wish] thy nards and balsam too