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Queen Isabel of Castile King Ferdinand of Aragon Rodrigo Téllez Girón, Master of the Order of Calatrava Fernan Gomez de Guzman, a Knight Commander of the Order of Calatrava Don Gomez Manrique A JUDGE Two Royal City Councilman ORTUÑO the servant of Commander FLORES, servant of Commander STEVEN Fuenteovejuna Warden ALONSO, an alderman of Fuenteovejuna Another Fuenteovejuna REGIDOR Laurencia, peasant of Fuenteovejuna, daughter of Stephen JACINTA, peasant Fuenteovejuna PASCUALA, peasant Fuenteovejuna JUAN ROJO, labrador Leafy labrador MENG, labrador funny BARRILDO, labrador Leonel, LL.B. CIMBRANO, soldier A BOY LABRADORES and Labrador MUSICIANS



Commander: You know I'm the master in the villa? FLORES: You know. ORTUÑO: It is, with age, more severe. COMENDADOR: And you know also that I am Fernan Gomez de Guzman? FLORES: The boy, do not be surprised. COMENDADOR: When not know my name Do not you give me too well of knight commander? ORTUÑO: There are those who advised be polite to walk away. COMENDADOR: conquer little love. Politeness is key to open the will; and enmity the foolish rudeness. ORTUÑO: If I knew a rude how I hate all and would like a thousand ways to the mouth at his feet, rather than be none, it would die. FLORES: What is tired of suffering! What rough and touting! Discourtesy call stupidity in equal because it is between unequals lineage of tyranny. Here you do not touch anything; a boy has not yet reached to know what is to be loved. Commander: The obligation of the sword that she put on the same day that the cross of Calatrava covered his chest, enough to learn courtesy. FLORES: If you have been wrong with him, you will know soon. ORTUÑO Return, if in doubt you are. Commander: I want to see what is in it.

Exit the Master of Calatrava and support TEACHER: Excuse me, by my life, Fernan Gomez de Guzman I feel that now new in the town you are. COMENDADOR: I was very just complaint from you; the love and nurturing gave me more confidence, being, which are the two Master you in Calatrava I am your commander and very your server. FOREMAN: Sure, Fernando, was of your good coming. I want you again to give arms. COMENDADOR: you owe honor; I put for you life among many differences, to meet your age the pontiff. TEACHER: That's true. And holy signs that the two cross the chest, that you'll pay in esteem those and honor you as my father. COMENDADOR: From you I'm satisfied. Teacher: What war is there? COMENDADOR: Be careful, and know the obligation you have. MAESTRE: Say that as I am, now. COMENDADOR: Grand Master, Don Rodrigo Téllez Girón, who at such a high brought you place value of course that your father, that in eight years, you resigned his mastership, sure that after more than sworn and confirmed kings and commanders, giving the holy pontiff Second peep his bulls and then theirs Paulo for Don Juan Pacheco, Grand Master of Santiago, was your coadjutor: because it is dead, and that you have given the government only to you, but in so few years, note that there is honor your followed in case aquesta Part of your relatives; because, died Enrique room want to King Alonso Portugal, which has inherited by his wife, Castilla, obey his subjects; that although the same aims by Isabel Don Fernando, Grand Prince of Aragon not so clear right to your relatives, who, finally, do not presume that there is deception in succession to Joan, to whom your cousin is now in his possession. And so I come to counsel gentlemen who keep company Calatrava in Almagro and Ciudad Real toméis, as a step that divides Andalusia and Castile to look at them both. Few people are needed, because soldiers are only its neighbors and a few gentlemen, Isabel defending and called King Ferdinand. Be well to bear surprise, Rodrigo, but boy, how many say it is great that cross for your skinny shoulders. Look Urueña Counts, who come, to show you are from the famous to win laurels; the Marquis de Villena, and other captains, so many the wings of fame can hardly wear them. Bring out the white sword you have to do, fighting, as red as the cross; because I can not call you Master of the Red Cross you've got the chest, while who have the white sword the chest and one next to it, them both to be red; and you, Giron sovereign immortal temple layer light of your past. MAESTRE: Fernán Gómez, be true, that this bias, I see that is true, I live with my relatives. And if it matters, as a step my attempt to Ciudad Real, you will see that as violent Ray hug walls. Not because my uncle is dead think of my youth themselves and strangers that my spirit died with him. Remove the white sword so that it is their light Color of the Cross bathed in blood red. Vos, where residís are a few soldiers? COMENDADOR: Few, but my servants; that if you worship them, fight like lions. You see that in Fuenteovejuna there are humble, and some not taught in squadrons, but in fields and crops. Teacher: There residís? COMENDADOR: There I chose my encomienda aquesta home between moves. Your people to register; not be vassal. TEACHER: Today you will see me riding, put the lance in rest.

Exeunt. Salen PASCUALA and Laurencia Laurencia: More than ever here again! Pascual: Well, I thought I have when I told you give you more trouble. Laurencia: May it please heaven that ever see you in Fuenteovejuna! Pascual: I, Laurencia, I have seen some so brave, and I think more; and his heart brando as butter. Laurencia, Why are so dry oak like this my condition? PASCUALA: Anda and, that no one read: "This never." Laurencia: Vote in the sun I'll say, I take it back even though the world! What effect was good I love Fernando? Casaráme "with him? Pascual: No. Laurencia condemn then infamy. Many girls in the village, Commander of credit, broken heads and walk! PASCUALA: Will I have to wonder you to escape from his hand. Laurencia in vain is what you see, because I still have a month and all, Pascuala, in vain. That Flores, her pimp, and Ortuño, that sly I showed a doublet a string and a pompadour. They told me many things Ferdinand, his master, I put fear; not be more powerful to contrast my chest. PASCUALA: Where do you speak? Laurencia Back in the stream, and there will six days. Pascual: I suspect you have to deceive, Laurencia. Laurencia Me? Pascual: No, but the priest. Laurencia: I, even dick hard I for reverence. Egad, more money put, Pascuala dawn, a piece of lunada the hearths to eat so zalacotón of a thread that I love, my mother and steal a glass Paste the bucket, price and more noon see the cow among the cabbages making a thousand snails with foamy harmony; and conclude, if the road has come to cause me pain, marry an eggplant half with bacon and then a pasatarde, while dinner is flavored, a string of my vineyard, God save the hail; and a dinner salad with oil and pepper and go to bed happy and "induce temptation" rezalle my devotions, that few raposerías, with her love and stubbornness, have these bellacones; because all your care, after we dislike, is happy evening and dawn with anger. PASCUALA: You, Laurencia, right; that want to leave, more often thankless that the villain the sparrow. In winter, cold is the ice fields, descend from the roof, saying: "Uncle, uncle," until you get to eat crumbs from the table; the cold but then stops, and the field are blooming, do not go down saying "uncle" forgotten benefit, more jumping on rooftops say, "Jew, Jew." For such men are: when we have needed, we are his life, his being, your soul, your heart; but after the coals, aunts are Jewish, and instead of calling aunts, goes the name of the holidays. Laurencia: Do not trust anyone. PASCUALA: Same here, Laurencia.

MENG Salen, and leafy BARRILDO Leafy: In aquesta difference litter Barrildo, importunate. BARRILDO: At least here it is who will tell us more true. MENG: Well we do a concert before you arrive there, and, if judged by me, I give each garment, aquesta price war. BARRILDO: This will say yes. But if you lose, what will give? Meng: I will put my rebec boxwood worth more than a granary, because I valued most. BARRILDO: I'm happy. Leafy: Well we get there. Save you, fair ladies. Laurencia: Ladies, Lush, you call us? Leafy: Walking want to use: the bachelor, graduate; the blind, one eye, the cross-eyed, squint, resentful, the lame; and good man, the careless. The ignorant, brainy; evil suitor, soldiers; a large mouth, fresh; and the eye small, sharp. The litigant, diligent; funny to meddling; the storyteller, understood; and the insufferable, courageous. The coward, to some; the bold, brave; partner who is a pitcher; and casual, the madman. Gravity, the discontent; the bald, authority; grace, the folly and big feet, good foundation. Al buboso, cold; restrained the arrogant; to wit, constant; the hump, loaded. This calling you imitate, ladies, without going from here because he was talking like proceed ad infinitum. Laurencia: Back in the city, Lush, he is called courtesy in this way, and in my belief, that there is a more rigorous and worse vocabulary in the rude language. Leafy: I would like it told. Laurencia: It's all to see that other hand: serious man, annoying; happy to broken; melancholy to the compound; and to find fault, hateful. Importunate to counseling; the liberal, Muscat; the righteous, cruel; and who is pious, Hank. When it is constant, villain; that is polite, flattering; hypocritical beggar; and pretender to the Christian. The righteous merit, that; to the truth, reckless; cowardice patience; and blames what it is misery. Necia honest women; mismatch to the beautiful and chaste; and the honest ... But enough; that is enough for an answer. Meng: I say you're the Dímun. Laurencia Sonco saying it wrong! Meng: I'll bet that salt threw the priest with his fist. Laurencia: What brought you race, if not I got it wrong? Lush: Hey, for your life. Laurencia Di. Leafy: Lend, Laurencia, ear. Laurencia: As provided, and even given from now I give you mine. Leafy: I trust in your discretion. Laurencia What you have posted? Leafy: Me and Barrildo against Mengo. Laurencia: What does Mengo? BARRILDO: One thing that being true and forcible denies it. Meng: To deny come, because I know it's true. Laurencia: What? BARRILDO: That there is no love. Laurencia is usually rigor. BARRILDO: It is rigorous and is foolishness. Without love, there could be keep even the world. Meng: I do not know to philosophize; read, I wish I knew! But if the elements live in eternal discord, and receive the same food our bodies, anger and sadness, phlegm and blood, of course. BARRILDO: The world of here and there, Mengo, all is harmony. Harmony is pure love, because love is live. Meng: I warn the natural I do not deny the value. Love is, and that each governs all things, forced correlation how much you look here; and I have never denied that everyone has love, for your humor, that keeps it in your state. My hand to hit next defend my face; my foot, fleeing, clog damage the body has. Cerraránse my eyelashes if it hurts the eye, because it is natural love. PASCUALA: Well, what do we disappointments? Meng: That love has no man rather than to his own person. PASCUALA: You lie, Mengo, and forgive; because, is subject rigor a man with a woman or an animal wants and loves its like? Meng: That's called esteem, and not wanting. What is love? Laurencia is a desire beauty. Meng: That beauty Why love the aims? Laurencia: To enjoy it. Meng: I think so. For the taste you try, Is not it for himself? Laurencia: That's right. Meng: Then why self-love each it seeks the good content? Laurencia's true. MENG: Well, in that way no love but I say, that I follow my taste and I want to make myself at all. BARRILDO: He said the local cure some day in the sermon Plato had a who taught us to love; that he loved the lonely soul and virtue of the beloved. Pascual: In terms have entered that, perhaps, purifies the skull of the wise cademias and its schools. Laurencia Well said, and do not wheels to persuade their grievances. Give thanks, Mengo, to the heavens, you did not love. Meng: Do you love yourself? Laurencia: My own honor. Leafy: God will punish you with jealousy. BARRILDO: Who wins? PASCUALA: With qüistión You can go to the clerk, because he or the priest will give you enough satisfaction. Laurencia not want it, I have a little experience. How do I give sentence? Leafy: What more than this disdain?

FLORES Sale FLORES: God save the good people. Leafy: This is the commander servant. Laurencia Gentil hawk! Where do well, relative? FLORES: I do not see what a soldier? Laurencia: Ferdinand comes here? FLORES: The war is over now, since it has cost us Some blood and friends. Leafy: Tell us how it happened. FLORES: Who will tell as I my eyes to be witnesses? To undertake the day of this city, which already has name of Ciudad Real, joined the gallant master two thousand infants lucid of his vassals brave and three hundred horse of lay and Freiler; because it requires the Red Cross few have it to the chest, even of a sacred order; more against the Moors, of course. He left the boy bizarre with a green coat, embroidered with gold figures, bracelets only the sleeves were caught, six frogs light up. A stout steed, Dappled gray that Betis drank water, and on its banks outperformed the grass fertile codon carved ribbons suede, and curl crested White caught in loops, that snow flies bathing the white skin equal work weaves. Beside Fernan Gomez your lord, in a strong molasses, black capes, since with white baby. About Turkish jacerina, shining breastplate and carapace, orange border with draws, than gold and pearl trim. The helmet, which crowned with white feathers, it seems that orange color those blossoms pour; arm tight league Red and white with moving Ash launches a whole by that even in Granada fear. The city was put into a weapon; say they do not want to leave the royal crown and heritage advocate. Entróla well resisted, and the Master rebels and then tried to injuriously honor ordered beheaded, and to the low rabble, with gags in their mouths, publicly flogged. It is so worrying and so loved, who believe one who in so few years fight, punish and conquer, must be in another age African ray fertile so many blue moons Red Cross to hold. The commander and all has done so many favors, the sack of the city of his estate seems. But now the music plays; joyfully receive him, that the triumph of wills are the best laurels.

Exeunt COMENDADOR and ORTUÑO, MUSICIANS, RED and ESTEBAN JUAN, ALONSO, Warden. MUSICIANS sing MUSICIANS 'is welcome the comendadore render the land and kill men. Vivan los Guzmanes! Vivan los Girones! If peace soft sweet reason. Overcoming Moriscos strong as an oak, Reale City is victor; that Fuenteovejuna brings the banners. Viva many years, Fernan Gomez alive! "

COMENDADOR: Villa, I just thank you the love that I've shown here. ALONSO: Still does not show a part of that feeling. But how much you be loved deserving you? ESTEBAN: Fuenteovejuna and the regiment have honored today, I pray that you receive and importunate a small present, that these cars bring, sir, not without shame, of wills and trees bizarre rich rather than gifts. The first polidos bring two buckets of mud; ganadillo goose is a whole networks that send their heads to sing vues military valor. Ten fatlings salt, bold pieces no other giblets and sausage, and amber rather than gloves, peel. One hundred pairs of capons and chickens widowers who have left their cocks you look in the neighboring villages. Here they have no weapons or horses, no gold embroidered trappings, gold if not the love of their subjects. And because I say pure, I assure you coming twelve skins, hides even by January you can save a wall if they aforráis your warriors, better than steely weapons; that the wine usually gives pretty steels. Cheese and other things not excused I will not give you an account. Right chest of wills that you have earned; and to you and to your home, enjoy your meal. Commander: I am very grateful. Id, regiment, in good time. ALONSO: Rest, sir, now, and you very welcome; see this belfry and rushes to your threshold were Oriental pearls, and more deserve, where possible on the villa. Commander: I think so, gentlemen. Go with God. ESTEBAN: Ea, singers, letrilla go again.

Sing MUSICIANS 'is welcome the comendadore render the land and kill men. "

Exeunt GOVERNOR musicians and COMENDADOR: Wait, you two. Laurencia: What sends your ladyship? COMENDADOR: disdain the other day then, with me! Well, by God! Laurencia: Do you talk with you, Pascuala? PASCUALA: With me, Tirta ahuera. COMENDADOR: With you I speak, beautiful beast, and this other lass. "Mine is not ye? Pascual: Yes, sir; but not for such cases. Commander: Come in, past the threshold; men there, you have no fear. Laurencia mayors If entered, one that I am the daughter, Sign addled well, but if not ... COMENDADOR: Flores! FLOWERS: Sir? Commander: That repair not to do what I say! FLORES: Come, then! Laurencia: We do not grip. FLORES: Enter; that you are foolish. PASCUALA: Arre; that ye shall after the shutter. FLORES: Enter: that you want to teach what war brings. Commander: If you enter, Ortuño, closes.

Enter Laurencia Flores, let us pass. ORTUÑO: Also you come forward with anything? Pascual: Well to Faith! Fork, do not give ... FLORES: It is enough, that they are extreme. Laurencia: your master is not enough presented much meat? ORTUÑO: Yours is the one that pleases him. Laurencia: Bust of bad pain!

Laurencia and PASCUALA Exeunt FLOWERS: Very nice business we! There has to be able to endure what he has to say when we go without them. ORTUÑO: Who is an obligation on this. If something you want to thrive, or must be patient, or has to leave quickly.

Exeunt both. Go for King Ferdinand, Queen Isabella, Manrique, and support ISABEL: I say, sir, that should failure to neglect this, Alfonso to see in such a position, and his army prevented. And it's good to win the hand before the damage we see; if not remedied, The very fact is plain. KING: From Navarra and Aragon relief is safe, and try Castilla to the reformation so that the good event the prevention display. ISABEL: Well, Your Majesty creates that good order is contained therein. MANRIQUE: Awaiting your license two councilors are Ciudad Real. "They will enter? KING: They do not refuse me.

Salen two aldermen of Ciudad Real REGIDOR 1: Catholic King Ferdinand whom heaven sent from Aragon to Castile for good and under ours: on behalf of Ciudad Real, supreme value to your humble present ourselves, under the actual asking. A lot of that had have your title; but it could bring us down This honor adverse fate. The famous Don Rodrigo Tellez Giron, whose efforts is extreme value, though it is so tender age Master of Calatrava, him, pretending to widen the honor of the assignment, put us tight enclosure. With courage warn us, its strength to resist, therefore, that rivulets the blood of the dead. He took over in the end; but not actually doing so, will not give Fernán Gómez order, help and advice. He is in possession, and his subjects will be, own, to our regret, not to remedy soon. KING: Where is Fernan Gomez? REGIDOR 1: Fuenteovejuna believe, to be his villa, and have in her house seat. There, with more freedom from which we can say, has to his subjects all others happy. KING: Do you have a captain? REGIDOR 2: Lord, for not having it is true, it did not escape any noble a prisoner, wounded or dead. ISABEL: This case does not require space to be remedied; which is contrary to the bold acquires the same value; and may in Portugal, finding safe harbor enter by Extremadura and causing great harm KING: Don Manrique, depart then carrying two companies; remedy its excesses little to no rest. The Count of Cabra can go with you, that is Córdoba bold, soldier whose name gives everyone; this is the best means that the occasion offers. MANRIQUE: The agreement seems as such a great value. I will limit to its excess if living in me never ceases. ISABEL: From you to the company, Insurance is a good event.

Exeunt all. Laurencia and leafy Salen Laurencia: A half twist cloth, wanted, daring Frondoso not to give what to say deviate from the stream; tell your excesses all the people murmuring, I look and I look at you and we all bring on the eye. And as you are lad of those who trample, spirited, and exceeding the other dress bizarre and costly everywhere there are young, or guy on the lawn or grove, claims are not saying one that already are; and wait all day the sexton Juan Chamorro We take the podium Piporro in leaving. And look better barns blond wheat in August crowded and overflowing, and jars of grape, such imagination I have come to anger: neither reveals nor grieves me or care put into it. Leafy: Maybe I have thy scorn, Laurencia beautiful, I take, in danger of seeing, life, when I hear you. If you know that I intend wanting to be your husband, das bad prize to my faith. Laurencia not know is that I take another. Leafy: It is possible that does not hurt see me so careful and imagining you or drink, sleep or eat? Possible "is so strictly in that angelic face? Live heaven, Rabbi! Laurencia salúdate Well, leafy. I ask you now Leafy health and both, like pigeons, we, together peaks roaring with lullabies, after giving us the church ... Laurencia: Say it to my uncle Juan Rojo; although I do not want it, and I have some hints. Leafy: Alas! The gentleman is this. Laurencia comes to pulling a deer. Hide in these branches. Lush: And how jealous I hide!

Exit COMENDADOR Commander: Not bad coming after a corcillo fearful, and so beautiful bump range. Laurencia, rested a bit here having washed cloths; and so, the stream around me, if you send your lordship. COMENDADOR: rude disdain Aquesos reproach, beautiful Laurencia, thanks to the powerful heaven gave you, in such a manner you come to be a monster. But if you could sometimes Please flee my love, now do not want the field secret and only friend; you do not have to be alone as pride, your face Mr you have run away, keepin 'me on so little. Do not give up Sebastiana Pedro Redondo woman, to be married both of these, and Martin del Pozo, having just passed two days of betrothal? Laurencia: Those, sir, they had having traveled with other the way of pleasing; because too many boys deserved his favor. Go with God, following your fawn that not seeing you with the cross I had to demon As much to persecute. Commander: What style so annoying! I put the crossbow on the ground (Since here we are alone) and the practice of hands I reduce fussiness. Laurencia: How? Is that you doing? Are you in you?

Sale lush, making the crossbow COMENDADOR: Do not defend yourself. Leafy: If I take crossbow by heaven they do not put on the shoulder! COMENDADOR: just, give it up. Laurencia Heaven help me now! Commander: We are alone, do not be afraid. Leafy: Commander generous let the girl, or creed that my grievance and anger your breast will be white, although the cross gives me wonder. COMENDADOR: Dog, villain! ... Leafy: No dog. Flee, Laurencia. Laurencia Frondoso, look what you do. Leafy: Go.

Laurencia Vase Commander: Oh, cursed be the man crazy is unbuckled the sword! That, not to frighten timid hunting, I took it off. Leafy: Well, by Jove, sir, if I play nut, which I have to apiol. Commander: It's gone. Infamous, treacherous, then release the spring. Let her go, villain. Leafy: How? Quitaréis my life. And remember that Love is deaf, and not hear words the day he's on his throne. Commander: Well, what has to return back a man so brave a villain? Tira, infamous, strip, and beware, I break the laws of knighthood. Leafy: That, no. I am content with my state, and therefore I am Forced to save life, I go with the crossbow. COMENDADOR: Danger strange and remarkable! But I will take vengeance tort and nuisance. Do not close with him! By heaven, I run!