Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek address to Chinese New First Army in India

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I feel greatly inspired today as I am here with you, officers and men, at this post. Being able to speak to you in a friendly land, is indeed, a rare opportunity. You must pay full attention to every word I say and bear it firmly in your mind. It shall serve as a moral encouragement for your endeavor to glorify our nation by adding a glorious page to the history of our national army. Now that our National Army is enabled to come over to India as a combined combat strength with our worthy allies, [it?] has already registered an illustrious page in our national annals.

It is also your good fortune that you are placed under the joint command of Admiral Lord Louis Mountbatten and General Joseph W. Stilwell, respectively supreme commander and deputy supreme commander of S.E. Asia Command. My expectation of the New First Army is for you to accomplish this worthy mission. My meeting with you here today is just like a family reunion which imparts profound attachment to both father and sons. It is therefore your duty to listen to my words as follows [here, the Generalissimo encouraged his troops to fight well for China]. I exhort you to keep my words. Unitedly under the joint command of Admiral Lord Mountbatten and General Stilwell you shall destroy the enemy.

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