George Howard

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George Howard may refer to:
  • Sir Howard, George (1720?-1796), field-marshal, was son of Lieutenant-general Thomas Howard, commanded the 3rd buffs at the battles of Fontenoy, Falkirk, and Culloden. Later served as privy councillor
  • Howard, George (1773-1848), 6th Earl of Carlisle, eldest son of Frederick Howard, 5th earl of Carlisle, styled Lord Morpeth until 1825, privy counselor, appointed India Board
  • Howard, George William Frederick (1802-1864), 7th Earl of Carlisle, eldest son of George Howard, 6th earl of Carlisle, chief secretary for Ireland, cabinet member, lord-lieutenant of Ireland

And may be confused with:

  • Howard, Gorges Edmond (1715-1786), miscellaneous writer (literary and professional), son of Francis Howard, captain of dragoons