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The Meaning, Purpose and Execution Method of Operation of our Politics

We are living in critical times of history. The balances established after World War II are changing with the end of the cold war period, and pains are experienced as to whether a unipolar or multipolar world will be established.

The power civilization, which has made its mark throughout the last three centuries, has unfortunately failed in instituting peace and serenity, on the contrary escalation of wars and occupations, genocides, hunger, poverty and misery were experienced, and shedding of tears by humanity never ceased. The circumstance in which the world finds itself today is deplorable. 1.2 billion people are living under the starvation limit, and 10 million children die due to hunger and malnutrition every year.

Human rights violations have been on the rise instead of diminishing. Environmental disasters and irresponsibility vis a vis other living beings have reached dangerous dimensions.

Organizations such as the United Nations, allegedly instituted with the purpose of preventing wars; are being used with the purpose of coming up with justifications and excuses for wars and occupations waged by the powerful instead of preventing wars. IMF, World Bank, World Trade Organization and similar institutions established with the pretense of eradicating hunger and poverty from the surface of the earth have not provided any benefits besides making the rich even richer and the poor even poorer.

This situation is neither humane nor sustainable. Humanity has to be freed from this situation. In parallel to this negative state of affairs, escalating disparity in income distribution and rise in unemployment has reached dangerous dimensions causing social fabric to be destroyed, our countrymen to rapidly dissociate from their values and go through ethical and moral depression, and threaten the family, the most fundamental institution, with a proliferation of divorces. What is responsible for this turn of events, which goes as far back as the history of mankind, is the imperialist mindset, with a distorted understanding of right, and seeing oneself as superior to others and trying to enslave people. This mindset is based on a fundamental error: of taking man dominating other man, as the basis and perceive the world as one’s own property. As a result of this, freedoms are constricted or lost, and although existing blessings are sufficient for all, humanity is dragged into hunger and poverty on earth.

This is a crisis of civilization. Power based values civilization is founded on, and institutions they give rise to have not brought happiness to humanity. It is our turn to speak up and generate solutions and assume responsibility about the regional and global issues and crisis humanity has fallen into as the members of a different civilization.

Each new era assigns new duties to politics. Our party has taken its place in the political stage as it does not see any similar occurrence that could perform the new duties assigned to politics in our country within the coming period. Let alone the performance of vital duties expected from politics in the new period, deep and essential differences starting in our sense of politics between us and existing political formations are in question.


It is only natural that political attitudes and behaviors undergo changes according to the times and conditions. However, the old political mindset being performed in our country is disabled from the very start with a gangrenous issue. This issue is the entering into action of political actors without disclosing to society what kind of politics they will be performing, what they understand from politics or doing so with expressions such as “politics is a contest of service”. In the deplorable scenery our country’s politics exhibits today, the share of attitudes devoid of content and orientation is considerable in the subject of what politics is. Our party believes that our society and country, above all else, needs principled politics and political group, which sets forth what it understands from politics and clearly declares this to society. As a result of existing political understandings, which have been applied devoid of content and orientation or else being presented as a contest of service, democracy has virtually become a game of power among elites, and the people have come down to being simple vote machines only to use their preference at the ballot box, determining who wins, but who need to be satisfied with this and have to return to their homes after elections. Our party fully rejects the political mindset that sees democracy as an election held once in a while, and the citizen as only being a voter, and party programs and ideologies as a vehicle to influence voter preference.

Our party sees politics as a direct requirement and result of all areas of life, and in the sustenance of a lifestyle that is worthy of being human. Our political mindset sees all people as individuals, who are free and equal, and with political rights, and aims to empower the citizen possessing these properties and the society they form. Our principle in politics sees politics itself as the inalienable duty of being by the side of the free and equal citizen and society at all times and under all circumstances, and develops politics, which invariably operate from this point. It does not make any discrimination among citizens with respect to accomplishing this principle. People are equal and nobody is superior or privileged when compared with any other. Existing political mindsets, which see politics as a power play rather that a humane activity, cannot be expected to resolve issues. This is due to the fact that the power game has to continue in order for their existence to continue, and issues have to be continuously generated in order for this play to be staged, and the society has to be forced into prejudice and polarization. Their political existence depends on the execution of this plan, and on generation of issues rather than resolution of issues. Under these circumstances, politics and democracy have lost being the path to strengthen participation of citizens in the say, authority and decision processes, and have been reduced to a set of economic data such as growth rates, and stock exchange indices, and have become the tool of power play. Such a political and democracy mindset keeps citizens at an arm’s length from right of speech, authority and decision processes, and curbs their will with poverty and unemployment.

The existing political mindset, which contents itself by stating at times of elections that right of speech, mandate and decision lies with the countrymen, actually knows very well the utterly different social vision that will materialize when such right of speech, mandate and decision processes is to be with citizens, and thus continues the said power play. Democracy does not solely consist of periodically held elections. It is the fundamental principle of democracy that citizens participate with their say, mandate, and decisions in the social and political processes. The democracy in a country is as strong as the level with which this principle is being put to practice in its political life.

The request of our citizens have always been for the further strengthening of our democracy despite obstruction attempts and pro-coup attitudes of bureaucratic oligarchy, and the despotic mentality of political actors. In the current situation, Turkey can no longer continue on its path with this existing political mindset. Citizens are demanding the say, mandate, and decision to always rest with them and not only when they vote, and also demand more freedom and democracy from their political representatives and not any new custody setups under the appearance of democracy.

We state that no regulation is acceptable, which constricts the political domain and limits the political establishment against the politics whose domain is presently constricted in Turkey by various mechanisms. None of the strategic areas and primarily security, foreign policy and economy of the country may be abstracted from politics, and thus from the determinative will of citizens. The sole authority that will implement such a political mindset in the New Turkey, will speak up and decide in the name of the public shall be the political establishment itself.

As for the framework within which this encompassing new political mindset shall be implemented and will never be separated is law and justice. Our sense of law also covers under constitutional guarantee our political mindset, and as such conceives a new constitution as the most urgent political duty. The ultimate purpose of political effort, which is spread throughout all domains of life, is realizing law and justice, whereas the purpose of law is to ensure the serving of justice in order to secure equality and reputability of man.

In the building of the New Turkey, to which we will contribute, politicians shall have the duty to convert social preferences to political decisions through the political establishment. As much as political establishment is obliged to reflect social preferences, the politicians also should not betray the social preferences entrusted to them, and should use resources in line with social preferences. We hereby pledge to establish a political system where citizens shall be the principal party, and those elected shall be the representative party.

Today politics is being used as an economic interest and domination vehicle in Turkey. In the Turkey we envisage, besides not being used as an enrichment vehicle, politics in Turkey will also not be an effort to dominate others, or shape the society through public procedures. We shall not perform nor shall we allow the performance of social engineering.

While our political mindset promises to resolve natural issues in the areas of lifestyle, beliefs, and identities within the framework of rights and justice, and in an ideal democratic communication and dialogue environment, the existing political mindset leaves these unresolved, performs exploitation of hope and exploits them in order to ensure the continuity of its own power play. Exploitative political mindset uses a political language that fits it but is certainly unmerited by the society, and presents slanders, cursing, and reciprocal ranting as “politics” to society. This political mindset and political style has exhausted Turkey. Turkey is in need of politics, which accepts justice, law, freedom, and equality as the true values, and is deliberative, problem-solving, and with an elegant political style. Beside the deep-rooted change to political mindset, our party also promises to bring elegance to the political language, and a political style that we would be able to let our children watch without hesitation and even show to them as an example. Our party is the spokesman and representative of everyone, who subscribes to and believes in the “Freedom and, Justice to all, and fair distribution of welfare”, which are the universal truths of humanity and venerable values of our civilization.

We declare that we will stand against three corruptions that are seen in all societies throughout the history of humanity and have to be fought against for the human dignity while we execute our politics: • We shall not use political power, state officials, the might of the state as a tool of domination and imposition against those who are not “one of us”, do not have beliefs like us, do not live like us, do not vote for us, oppose us, and even fight against us. Simply because political representation is custody, we shall never breach the trust vested in us. • We shall not transfer public resources and government property to those on our side, support us, and to ours. We shall not have our thieves, and thieves shall never be protected under the pretense of being one of us. • We shall not use any value, principle, and rule whatsoever from universal facts of humanity, and primarily religious beliefs and values of our civilization as well as our historical accumulation for our interests, nor for the interests of our friends or relatives, partisans, and supporters. We shall not generate a rule of power through these values. Our general understanding of ethics with regards to personal, institutional and the system on the other hand are based on the following fundamental principles; A person’s behaving with the awareness of being responsible towards himself or herself, other people, nature, the Creator, and posterity constitutes the essence of our sense of broad ethical horizon. We adopt an ethic understanding based on the principle of whoever does a kindness it will be for oneself and a wrong will be for oneself. In this sense we are bound by the following principles regarding ethics: • To also wish for others what you wish yourself. • Not to do unto others what you do not want to be done to you. • To consider a wrong done to another as having being done to oneself. • To stand on the side of the oppressed against the oppressor, regardless of who he may be. • Not to depart from the path of right and justice and give the right testimony even if such may be against oneself or one’s friends and relatives. We do not only adopt these values on a personal level but also accept them as the basis in our politics and building of our system. To achieve this it is evident that a transparent, accountable system, open to the audit of the citizen, and in which information and decision making processes have democratized is indispensable.


People and human rights constitute the basis of the political mindset of our party. People are the “noblest creation” regardless of race, color, gender, language, religion, sect, thought, country and social position, or economic status. Therefore the essential is man in person. Man has a priority over the markets as well as the state.

Each person, due to being human, has rights: security of life and property, express his/her thoughts and beliefs, shelter, health, social security, education, employment, rights and freedoms. Our limitations in the use of rights and freedoms are recourse to slanders, insults, resort to violence, and racism and discrimination. Our party condemns violence, racisms and discrimination in all walks of life and fights against these.

Human rights and freedoms may not be limited by the will of the majority, and no legislation may be passed, which suppress or damage fundamental rights and freedoms. In its essence democracy is the individual having equal rights, authorities, and responsibilities in the formation and management of all kinds of social and political institutions in areas that fall outside the scope of the rights. Equal and free citizenship is both the reason to be of our party as well as its fundamental purpose. We will lift individual, socio-cultural, legal and economic barriers that make peoples’ participation in public and social processes difficult.


The family, which has a priority role in the socializing of humans and is the basic environment of humanization, has the right and necessity to be protected. We accept essentially to protect the family by ensuring human rights and freedoms, without deviating from justice and equality.

Strengthening the family materially and morally in order to have the family resolve the issues it faces, protecting the family union, developing policies to remove the conditions that could cause its breakup are among the indispensible duties of our party. Rapidly resolving the issues of primarily street children, women and children exposed to violence, solitary elders and handicapped, and individuals left alone without a family, and ensuring their effective participation into society is a requirement of our political mindset.


The right to association is complementary to the freedom of expressing the thought and belief, which fall within fundamental human rights. It is not possible to speak about freedom of thought and belief that cannot be organized. People should be able to freely establish and participate in Non Governmental Organizations, which are the social relation and social participation.

Our party sees the society as a social network where free and equal citizens are present, and take the society as the basis and priority and not the state. Among other things, it protects the communal efforts of free and equal citizens against domestic and / or international power groups that threaten their existence and lead to new tutelage.

The state is liable to be at the same distance from all nongovernmental organizations and secure their activities under legal reassurance.

State and Management

The state is seen by our party as a political / historical and legal organization formed by people for the evident experience and generation of public value, and does not have any holiness due to being humane. As the state is an instrumental institution, the essence is the people and the society itself. Just as the state will not allow humans to be confined by the society; protection of the balance between people-family and society is also the essential and primary function of the state. The state cannot be a vehicle in the domination of poor by the rich, weak by the strong, minority by the majority, and unorganized by the organized, or their being exploited.

In its broadest meaning the reason to be of the state is freeing of humans and society by lifting economic, social, political, cultural and ideological obstructions surrounding humans; ensuring that rights and freedoms stop being abstract legal status and become executable and realizable circumstances, and social structure to be protected permanently by justice, and security being ensured.

The state cannot be the bearer, protector, installer and party to any religion, language, sect, philosophical thought, and world view. The state has to be at the same arm’s length to all and each and every section and be an arbiter.

The state does not enforce any religious belief, prayer and religious obligations and their education, instruction or learning. It may also not impose any rules that prohibits or limits the right of the freedom to undertake the beliefs, worship, and obligations of religion, and the right to freely be educated, instructed or taught.

The right of independence is the use of participation and management rights in all organizations they form together either directly or by way of proxy, provided the essence of such right remains with the person. According to us the ownership of all institutions, including the state, belongs to the people; the nation manages the state and not vice versa. We define the NATION as a free community of people living within the Geography of the Republic of Turkey, displaying its will to live together at the denomination of rights and freedoms, not making any discrimination with respect to religion, language, race, philosophical thought, and sect.

“Sovereignty unconditionally rests with the nation.” The parliament, formed in the free elections, uses its sovereignty authority in the name of the nation. This authority may not be shared with another institutions or organizations. We are against any and all types of economic, political, military, civil, domestic and international tutelage.

No institution, organization, organ or authority may use public authority without taking its source from the nations, and may not contradict social preferences.

Currently members of parliament are being determined by party leaders, rather than political voters. This in turn lead to party and leader oligarchy.

As the members of parliament, who use sovereignty, are not determined by the people, an extortion of authority is in question. In order for the Grand National Assembly of Turkey to reflect the will of the citizens in full and in an effective manner, and to become functional as the single organ that uses the legislative, executive and administrative supervision authority, it is compulsory to regulate primarily the constitution, as well as political parties regime, election system and parliamentary bylaws in a manner allowing social preferences to be converted to healthy political decisions. Within this framework are party undertakes to initiate a comprehensive legal and political reform process.

In order to put into practice the new political mindset, our party sees the drafting by the nation of a constitution, which ensures rights and freedoms, is democratic, and certainly allows the audit by the nation of those granted authority, and is pluralist and participatory as a duty.

Foreign Policy

Foreign policies under the name of "National Interest", not comporting with justice, conscience, and human rights or reflecting ideological preferences of bureaucratic oligarchy or otherwise interests of global powers completely contradict political philosophy of our party, and are unacceptable. Our general principles regarding foreign policy; • To take equity and justice as measures and not interests in foreign policy. • To take as the basis mutual solidarity and assistance instead of exploiting. • Not to categorically enter into any hostility and enmity against anybody except tyrants. • Take up a position by the side of the righteous at all times and not the stronger. • To have a foreign policy vision that will ensure peace and welfare primarily in Turkey, in the region and the world. • Giving priority to the establishment of regional cooperation. • To develop friendship and cooperation with neighboring countries. • To perform strategic cooperation with states that adopt these principles. • To put into effect important foreign policy decisions and important agreements by referendum.

Turkey shall follow policies that will develop and expand justice, peace, solidarity, and human rights as the basis it its relations with all international institutions and organizations it becomes a party to as a state.

Economic Policy

To where the economic model currently applied in the world has brought humanity to is unfortunately a situation that is not humane and impossible to sustain such as Poverty, Hunger, Wars, Exploitation, Destruction of Nature.

At the same time innovations and developments in science and technology progressively depreciate the value of labor, and reduce the share it takes from production.

They say that it is a free market, but the alleged freedom is for the capital, and ordinary goods and technologies. The free movement of labor, qualified information and technology is being obstructed. This situation has to change and all production factors need to freely move, allowing free competition to form, and quality and lower prices is provided to entire humanity. However the most vocal objection to this offer will be coming from capitalist countries.

Entire humanity is equal partner in the blessings in the world of wealth.

The blessings and means abundantly exist to satisfy the needs of people as of the moment they are born into this earth and up to their death. Resources are not inadequate to satisfy the needs of humanity, as is alleged by today’s prevailing economic mindset.

The cause of the troubles experienced in the world is excessive squandering and ambition. Ambitions come into play in ownership of blessings, and sharing of manufactured products, and grave injustices are being made.

The state cannot be an economical accumulation instrument. The basic aim and duty of the state is to mediate and assists social welfare.

According to us the effect on social welfare rather than growth has importance in any economic policy or public enforcement. Many growth experiences are realized at the expense of loss of social welfare. Besides, growth on its own does not necessarily increase social welfare.

Poverty is not only limited to being deprived of economic means and devices, but is any and all situations that prevent active participation in the society. Fight against poverty is a too vital to be left to market dynamics, economic conjuncture, growth process, and an economy that leave people in need of help.

In occasions where economic effectiveness and principle of justice conflict; public power should be on the side of justice. Justice may not be abandoned or delayed for any aim or motive. Making concessions from justice (deferred justice mindset) in the existing circumstances with the purpose of a higher level justice to be obtained in the future based on economic justifications is the gravest injustice.

The state is obligated to take precautions to protect labor, which is the weaker of the two in environments where labor and capital confront each other in the marketplace.

Basic source of wealth, value and worth is neither production, nor the market nor marginal benefit nor labor. The roots of wealth, value and worth go to the society. According to us the blessing, labor and knowledge are the primary factors, whereas capital is the secondary factor. The product should be shared among these factors in accordance with their contributions. Here, labor, knowledge (information), and capital from among the parties is known; and receive their shares in the sharing. However who is to take the share of the blessing and how is it to be calculated? As blessings belong to everybody, all those whose minimum needs cannot be satisfied, those who cannot satisfy their minimum needs although they work, those who cannot work due to their inability to find a job or due to a handicap; fall into this group. Put in other words, this share belongs to all the poor and this share should be of a size big enough to satisfy the minimum needs of all the poor in a manner that is fit for human dignity.

This is why all individuals of the society are shareholders in the welfare and existing wealth regardless of whether they take part in the production process. Each and every citizen has the right to live in a humanly manner in conformance with the standards of the society he/she lives in. "Citizenship salary" shall be put into practice as a fundamental citizenship right.

Nobody may be deprived of the right of ownership, inheritance, and contract. Right of ownership is not a limitless right that also includes the damaging of other people and nature. Nobody can get richer by inflicting damage to the society, environment and nature he/she lives in. The duty of the State is to ensure that wealth stops being a domination tool changing hands among certain hands without being put into any production process, and to take the necessary measures oriented to its use for social welfare.

The financial public liability the government is to bring has to be in proportion to the income and wealth that is owned. Everybody is obliged to undertake public financial liabilities in direct proportion to their income and wealth.

It is not possible to determine in a just manner in the market the value of those items that are not a topic of the market due to not being a commodity in essence, such as money, environment, natural resources, and labor. In the same manner, it is also not possible for education, health and security, for which public qualities are incontestable, to be produced in an efficient and equitable manner by the market. As such it is an inescapable imperative for the market values of such to be determined by the public authority’s initiatives ensuring justice, as much as if not even more than market forces.

In conclusion, as economic policy is being arranged by our party, questions such as how many people were brought above the hunger and poverty threshold, how many people were provided with jobs / employment, how many people were turned into self employed, and how close income and wealth distribution were brought between people shall be used as benchmarks.


The right for education is an inalienable human right according to our party, and may not be obstructed due to any justification whatsoever. Besides being an obstruction of individual freedoms, the fact that currently education is being made a tool of ideological purposes, it also obstructs its serving the development of science and art, orientation to free and equal citizenship ideals and creation of values.

Education shall be taken under social security scope, and education costs of everybody with inadequate means shall be compensated from public sources at each stage.

Health and Social Security

Everybody living in the society shall have the right to social security without any limitations. Social security right contains education, health, livelihood, and housing. Everybody shall contribute to the social security system in proportion to their financial means, and no citizen shall be left outside of the social security coverage financed by a special fund based heavily on public resources.


What is our first and last sentence; what do we ultimately say; in what sentence do we evaluate the individual, family, society, state, market, international relations?

We are a group that takes as the basis the equality, sanctity, and respectability of man. We see all men as descendants of Prophet Adam. We do not accept any discrimination among them.

To ensure the bread and freedom of our people is the reason for being of our politics. Their freedom of speech, authority, and decision shall never be taken from them. We guarantee this to everybody. Those besides the above are better roads, better schools, better hospitals are all conditional upon our strength. As long as rain falls from the sky, as long as plants grow, that is as our strength increases, we will also undertake these with justice and in the best possible manner. However we guarantee this over and over again. Nobody shall bow to anybody else with a concern for livelihood, and with a concern of the future, and shall not be a slave of any other. This is our belief. No power can break this belief of ours.

All that is domestic and foreign policy, Central Bank, the markets, EU, NATO, World Bank. World Trade Organization, etc. shall revolve around this principle and will never go outside of this principle.

We shall not have a double language and hidden agenda, and we will not have any secret pacts with anybody besides you, and shall not rely on any power group outside of our people.

Those who have fought against systems that have enslaved people, have acted with different beliefs, philosophies, and value judgments. Now, we unite here, those who stand up against servitude and slavery, exploitation, injustice and join their forces in this party under this roof. We invite everybody, who believes this, to gather here, around this call.