Have a Heart/Finale Act I

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Just think of it Woozy has really eloped,
Poor dear old Ruddy has fled
He's taking a deuce of a chance,
Think of the dance she's going to lead the man after they're wed.
They used to be spliced to each other before,
Marvelous nerve, the chap show.
Now will they be wedded once more,
Or will their life become Couleur de Rose?
Goodness knows.

UNCLE & AUNT. Lizzie, Lizzie,
Quick, get busy,
Tell us what to do.
OWEN. (spoken.) I can't think what you're about
LIZZIE. Oh, cut it out!
CHORUS. Lizzie, Lizzie, say where is he?
What's the good of you?
AUNT his MATTHEW & OWEN. game, we must be balking,
Don't let's stand here talking.
'Phone up ev'rywhere, Do something, somebody!
Let's be quiet and cool.
Don't stand gaping there! Can't you do anything?
Oh! you poor little fool.

HENRY. Have a heart!
Jimminy Christmas!
Have a heart!
Gee! you girls are always picking on a man
If you'll kindly keep your distance,
I might be of some assistance.
(To Aunt.) Can that "Clara Kimball Young" stuff be a man!

Have a heart!
You must go and make inquiries in the town.
You won't find out where your niece is,
if you pull the boy to pieces;
So get in the lift, and let him take you down.
They will probably have tarried
at the parson's to be married,
There are slips between the lips, though, and the cup.
Something's happened to the elevator!
Golly has it stuck?
And all the time is getting later!
What a rotten piece of luck.
You can fix it if you try boy;
Can't you start the thing on "high," boy?
Was there ever such an inefficient pup?
HENRY (Spoken) Going up! going up!

CHORUS We see them there
Just as they used to be.
A happy pair
they go contentedly.
The motor hums a merry bridal tune
As they begin their second honeymoon without a care
for what may lie before
Resolved to dare.
What fate may have in store.
But whether it be good or ill,
How ever it may chance,
The sun will shine upon them still,
The sunshine of romance.
Whatever fate may bring,
Its blows can hold no sting.
As in the days when he would sing.

I see you there
Just as you used to be
so sweet and fair.
You stand and gaze at me.
I breathe your name,
and find the vision has flown
And I am all alone.