Have a Heart/Have a Heart

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Verse 1

A girl in a department store has quite a wretched time of it.
I shouldn't care to have her job myself.
It seems to me a foolish way
To have to spend the whole damn day,
Stuck up behind A counter hauling what-nots off the shelf.
I hate your strict employers who are nutty about discipline,
Who run a store with punishment and fine.
Why pick on some poor little thing
Who's been out all night tangoing,
Because she gets to work at one o'clock instead of nine.


Have a heart!
Have a heart!
Remember she is human just like you.
Wouldn't you regard with loathing,
Hats and coats and underclothing,
If you hadn't got to bed till half-past two?
A shopgirl in the city is deserving of your pity,
Of pleasure life for her is not a whirl.
So I'm making it my mission,
To improve her sad condition,
And like Heaven, I protect the working girl.

Verse 2

Each girl in my employment on arriving in the morning is
Provided with refreshments on a tray.
It costs but a little to supply Dill pickles and Martini's dry,
Which put her in A mood to face the labors of the day.
If later she should be fatigued, she totters to the reading room
Or staggers to a moving picture show,
Or in the Rest Room she may get a soda and a cigarette;
These simple acts of kindness mean a lot to her you know.


Have a heart!
Have a heart!
Recollect a salesgirl isn't a machine.
Ev'ry day with much completeness,
I am scatt'ring light and sweetness,
So she gets a chance to rest her aching bean.
I'm leader of the movement for effecting an improvement,
The battle flag of freedom I unfurl.
She grows weary showing corsets,
If she never lies down or sits,
So like Heaven, I protect the working girl.