Have a Heart/My Wife My Man

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Is this just a dream once more?
Just the dream I dreamt before

Verse 1

Ruddy: Oh, the sad time I've had,
Peggy dear, away from you,
Peggy: Oh, yes, I believe you were glad
Of the holiday, It's true.
Ruddy: Why it drove me half mad
I could find, I swear,
No plan
Of life,
Peggy: Was it really so bad?
Did you really care?
My man!
Ruddy: My Wife!


There's only just we two
In all the world, you see.
For I was made for you
You dear, for me!
You dear for me!
And life may bring us joy.
Or Life may bring us pain
Cruel or kind we shall not mind
Now we're together once again.
Gladness and grief alike we'll share
Grief will be joy if you are there.

Verse 2

Peggy: Ruddy dear, do you fear
That perhaps you may regret?
Ruddy: Not I!
Do you wish, now you're here,
You were miles away? Peggy: My pet!
I'd die!
Ruddy: Can you trust to me, dear,
To be always true
Through life?
Peggy: I can;
All my doubts disappear
As I cling to you,
Ruddy: My wife!
Peggy: My man!


The road that lies before
Is dark and hard to see.
what e'er fate holds in store,
Try it with me!
Try it with me!
What through we missed it once.
We did not understand.
Better today we know the way
So let us set out hand in hand.
Love for our path a light we'll make
shining to guide the steps we take.