Her blue rollin e'e/What Ails the Lasses At Me

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Her blue rollin e'e  (1822) 
What Ails the Lasses At Me


I am a young bachelor winsome,
A farmer by rank and degree,
And few l see gang out ufair handsome,
To kirk or to market than me
I've outright, and insight, and credit,

And frae ony eelift I’m free;
I’m weel enough boarded and bedded
What a' the laases at me.

My bughts of good store are no scanty
My byres are well stocked wi' kye.
Oi meal i my girnels is plenty;
An' twa or three easenaents forby.
An' horse to ride out when they're weary,
An' cock with the best they can see,
An' then be ca'd dawty and deary,
I fairly what ails them at me.

Behind backs, before fouk I've woo'd them.
And a' the gates o’t that hen
And when they laugh o' my trow'd them,
And thought I had won but what then,
When I speak of matters they grumble,
Nor are condescending, and froe,
But at my proposals ay stumble,
I wonder what ails them at me.

I ve try'd haith highland and lowland
Where I a good bargain adbid see,
But name o' them and I wod fall to
Or say they wad buckle wi' me
With looks an' wi' scraps I've address'd them
Been with them both modest and free.

But whatever way I caress'd them
There's something still ails them at me.

O, If I ken'd how but to gain them,
How fond of the knack wad I be!
Or what an address could obtain them,
It should be twice welcome to me.
If kissing and clapping wad clense them,
That trade of should drive till I die
But however I study to ease them,
They've ailful an exception at me

There's wratacks an cripples, an' crawshake,
An' the wan dog (illegible text) I ken.
No sooner they speak to the wrenches,
But they are ta'en far enough hen
But when I speak to them that's stately,
I find them ay ta'en wi' the gee;
An' get the denial right flatly:
What thi- (illegible text) can ail them at me.

I have yet but ae offer to mak them,
If they wad but mearken to me
An' that is arm willing to tab them,
If they their consent wad but me
Let her that consent write a bill
An' get it transmitted to me
I hereby engage to fulfil it
Tho' cripple, tho' blind she sud be.

This work was published before January 1, 1927, and is in the public domain worldwide because the author died at least 100 years ago.