Hervey, John (1616-1679) (DNB00)

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HERVEY, JOHN (1616–1679), treasurer of the household of Queen Catherine of Braganza, born on 18 Aug. 1616, was the eldest son of Sir William Hervey, knt., M.P., of Ickworth, Suffolk, by Susan, daughter of Sir Robert Jermyn, kt., of Rushbrook, Suffolk. Robert Sidney, second earl of Leicester, while he was ambassador in France in 1636, received him into his house, and ever after entertained a warm friendship for him (Sidney State Papers, ii. 680-l). At the Restoration Hervey was constituted treasurer of the household to the queen. On 7 Dec. 1664 he was elected F.R.S. (Thompson, Hist. of Roy. Soc. Append. iv. p. xxiv), but he never presented himself for admission. He was elected M.P. for Hythe on 6 May 1661, and sat for nearly eighteen years (Lists of Members of Parliament, i. 532). Though a great favourite of Charles II, he is said by Burnet to have once voted adversely to the court on an important division, and was in consequence severely rebuked by the king. Upon his voting the next day as the king wished, Charles said, 'You were not against me to-day.' Hervey answered, 'No, sir; I was against my conscience today' (Burnet, Own Time, Oxford ed., 1823, ii. 71). He was a patron of men of letters, and by his recommendation Abraham Cowley [q. v.] was taken into the service of his kinsman, Henry, earl of St. Albans. He died on 18 Jan. 1679. He married Elizabeth, daughter and heiress of William, lord Hervey of Kidbrooke [q. v.], but had no children.

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