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Praise be to God and Prayers and Peace be upon the Apostle of God...

After the Saudi regime conducted an insane campaign over the last few weeks aimed at striking and distorting Da'wah, aand arresting and imprisoning preachers and Shaykhs; after the failure of the regime to attain its desire for large scale support from the major Ulema who stood by the Shaykhs; after the rejection of the drift behind the regime, and of support for the "Saudization" of everything in this country, even Islam, its people and its point of view, with all of this being the personal property of the ruling family to do with as it pleases, diligently swindling the people and decieving the Ummah; after all of these things, the Saudi regime recently formed a committee of harm to achieve these ends. It is called the Higher Committee for Islamic Affairs, so that it will appear to people that its intent is to spread the Da'wah and guard the faith.

What is strange here is not the regime's acting in this fashion to try to deceive God and those who believe. These are familiar and well-known methods employed by tyrannical regimes at all times to polish their image, an image that is marred by much tricking of Islam and conspiring against its preachers.

But the effect is that the method used to produce this farce does not fool anyone. THe council and the duties assigned to it, and the timing and the conditions of its formation, all prove the extent of the confusion that governs the actions of the regime in its overt war against Islam and its true preachers. The regime's hatred of Islam has blinded it so much that it is not able to fool even a minimumnumber of the people. If it must conspire against Islam and harm its preachers, there are more clever and sophisticated ways than this overt and coarse method.

The way this committee was created leaves no room for doubt about het intention behind it and the purpose of establishing it. Indeed the presence of Prince Sultan, Minister of Defence, and Prince Nayif, Minister of the Interior, with the Prince of his Henchmen at the head of the council, in fact proclaims its true mission. The mission is the destruction of true Islam and its Da'wah, support for the religion of the king, and preparation for the history of the two black men filled with a malice for Islam and a hatred of its preachers and shaykhs. There is no room for doubt of this fact. How can a rational person, aware of the fact that this gang is corrupting the earth and waging war on God and his apostle, believe that they are going to serve Islam and Muslims?

Has the trial of Islam and its preachers in the peninsula at present been other than by these men and at their hands? How can a party to a suit be an arbiter, a criminal be a judge, a lion be a shepherd?

The shepherd of the flock guards them from the wolf. What about when the wolves are the shepherds?!

In addition, the duties and powers of the council are undefined[1], which makes it holds in its hand all the ropes, and collect in it all it can to profit in serving Islam and the call to it. This proves the determination of the regime to be arrogant without repeating what was said previously in exposing some of the methods by which Da'wah benefits from it, and by which preachers exploit it in the service of Islam and Muslims.

Since we know this, it is easy for us to explain what, in the powers of this council, goes beyond the five-part committee and the Grand Mufti of the Kingdom, with the most important of their powers and prerogatives withdrawn and attached to the new Council of Harm.

On the other hand, in light of the current crisis, the regime's undertaking to form this council in this way confirms its determination to proceed in the line of escalation and the way of causing crises. It also shows that the regime is not ready to respond to the goodwill efforts which Shaykh 'Abd al-'Aziz and some of the other SHaykhs have undertaken, and which the regime has rejected. The regime wants this council to be part of its efforts to cut off any attempt at reform on this type. In absorbing the most important powers of Shaykh 'Abd al-'Aziz bin Baz's powers, the emergency council is punishing him for his goodwill efforts and for his position on the imprisoned Shaykhs. Ibn Baz continued praising the Shaykhs, and he urged them to be patient, confirming that what the regime did to them was the kind of trial that fell upon the Messengers and those who follow them.

We, in the Advice and Reform Committee, do not wonder at the behavior of this regime, which is obdurate in its hatred of Islam and tireless in plotting against its preachers.

But the strange thing is that this regime continues to find among the Ulema, those who guard its back and hold fate at bay, despite the overt war against Islam and its preachers that the regime is conducting. This regime openly expresses its hostile intentions with complete clarity and eloquence. What are the organisations and councils it has established from time to time, except a proof of the regime's determination to push the country to an unknown destiny of punishments through its persistence in slaying the she-camel of Da'wah at the hands of the brothers of the al-Saud, like Princes Sultan and Nayif.

Are the true successors of the pious ancestors aware, and do they perceive the danger of the position for them in performing their duty to serve this religion? Are you unaware of the sacrifices and the kind of trials to which it will be subjected to confirm that they truly adhere to this religion, and the purity of their attention to GOd? Or will pleas and apologies hamper them, with the trail befalling them, which does not befall those who do wrong?

As long as some of the Ulema with whom God has made a pact, do not hesitate to continually carry out this duty, it is not strange that Prince Sultan and his like have been assigned to oversee[2] Islamic affairs.

He who tends goats in a land full of lions,
If he sleeps, the lion will take over tending them.

In conclusion, we affirm that the religion of God is victorious and its Da'wah progressing, no matter who opposes it. "If you turn your back, he will put in your place a people other than you, then they will not be like you."

10/5/1415 AH
On their behalf,
Usamah bin Muhammad bin Ladin


  1. trans: or "unlimited"
  2. Trans: "oversee" is a word used to describe a shepherd's role.