Horwitz, Bernard (DNB00)

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HORWITZ, BERNARD (1807–1885), writer on chess, born in 1807, was a native of the Grand Duchy of Mecklenburg, and received his training in the game under Mendheim at Berlin, becoming one of the seven great players known as the Pleiades. After passing some time in Hamburg he settled in England about 1845. He increased his reputation for chess-playing, took part in nearly all the tournaments which were held in England before 1862, and wrote to illustrate the strategy of the game. Horwitz died suddenly in London on 29 Aug. 1885. As joint author with J. Kling, Horwitz in 1851 published ‘Chess Studies,’ a book mainly devoted to ‘endings’ of games, previous books having rather considered ‘openings.’ In the same year they also issued a periodical called ‘The Chess Player,’ of which four volumes appeared, 1851–3. It chiefly consisted of complete games and several analyses. Horwitz's last work was ‘Chess Studies and End-games systematically arranged,’ London, 1884.

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