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Hugh may refer to:
  • Hugh (d.1094), (of Grantmesnil), or Grentemaisnil, baron and sheriff of Leicestershire, son of Robert of Grantmesnil
  • Hugh (d.1098), (of Montgomery), Earl of Shrewsbury and Arundel, 2nd son of Roger of Montgomery
  • Hugh (d.1101), (of Avranches), Earl of Chester, son of Richard, called Goz, viscount of Avranches, perhaps kin of William the Conqueror
  • Hugh (fl.1107?-1155?), (Albus or Candidus), chronicler, monk of Peterborough
  • Hugh (d.1164), abbot of Reading and archbishop of Rouen
  • Hugh (d.1181), (Hugh of Cyveiliog), palatine Earl of Chester, was the son of Ranulf II, earl of Chester
  • Hugh (1135?-1200), Saint, bishop of Lincoln
  • Hugh (d.1235), (Hugh of Wells), bishop of Lincoln, eldest son of Edward of Wells, of Lanchester
  • Hugh (1246?-1255), (Hugh of Lincoln), Saint, was son of a woman named Beatrice, found dead in a well
  • Hugh of Evesham (d. 1287), cardinal.
  • Hugh of Balsham (d. 1286), bishop of Ely and founder of Peterhouse, Cambridge
  • Hugh, William (d. 1549), divine, educated at Christ Church, Oxford