Huntingdon, Earls of (DNB00)

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HUNTINGDON, Earls of. [See Hastings, Francis, second Earl (of the Hastings family), 1514?–1561; Hastings, George (1488?-1545) (DNB00), first Earl, 1488?–1545; Hastings, Hans Francis, eleventh Earl, 1779–1828; Hastings, Henry, third Earl, 1535–1595; Hastings, Theophilus, seventh Earl, 1650–1701; Herbert, William, 1460–1491, under Herbert, Sir William, Earl of Pembroke, d. 1469; Holland, John, first Earl (of the Holland family), 1352?–1400; Holland, John, second Earl (of the Holland family), 1395–1447; Malcolm, King of Scotland, d. 1165.]