Hymns for our Lord's Resurrection/Hymn XIII

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Hymn XIII.

1BREAK forth into Praise!
Our Surety and Head
His Members to raise,
Hath rose from the Dead:

The Power of his Spirit
Hath quicken'd our Lord,
That we by his Merit
May all be restor'd.

2Our Captain and King
With Shouts we proclaim,
And joyfully sing
The wonderful Name;

The Name all-victorious
We publish, and feel,
Triumphantly glorious
O'er Sin, Earth, and Hell.

3The Power of his Rise
We know and declare,
And rapt to the Skies,
His Happiness share;

In Heavenly Places
With Jesus we sit,
And Jesus' Praises
With Angels repeat.

4We sing of his Love
While sojourning here,
Till Christ from above
Our Saviour appear;

The Heirs of Salvation
With Triumph receive,
In full Consummation
Of Glory to live.