Imperial Guards Division Strategic Order No. 584

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August 15, ____ [note 1], Imperial Guards Division Order.

1. The Division will smash the strategy of the enemy and uphold the Emperor to safeguard our country.
2. The commander of Infantry I will occupy the Palace and safeguard same. A company of soldiers will occupy the Tokyo Broadcasting station and block its broadcasting.
3. The commander of Infantry II will occupy the outer area of the Palace and block outside intrusion.
4. The commander of Infantry VI will remain at present duty.
5. The commander of Infantry VII will occupy the Nijubashi Gate and block any entrance into the Palace.
6. The commanders of GK and TK will move forward to Daikan Street and remain there.
7. The commander of Artillery I will remain at the present post.
8. The commander of Engineering I will remain at the present post.
9. The commander of Signal Unit will cut off all communication to the Palace except the line to the Palace from the Division.
10. The commander of the Mechanized Battalion will guard the Palace with full strength.
11. The Division Commander will be at the Division Headquarters.


Division Commander

  1. there was a blank, for the time to be inserted (Wikisource contributor note)