In Recognition of the Town of Hillsborough, California

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In Recognition of the Town of Hillsborough, California



Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ms. SPEIER. Madam Speaker, I rise to honor the 100th Anniversary of the Town of Hillsborough in my district. In fact, I am a proud resident of this town. My children were raised here and they have benefited from an excellent public education system, particularly in the middle grades where, aside from mastering the basics, they confronted the challenges of malnutrition in Africa, homelessness in our own country and the importance of protecting the environment. The spirit of altruism that was instilled in them is one that permeates the entire community.

We often talk about good citizenship, a sense of neighborhood and civic responsibility as if they were things in our past. I can attest that those values are alive and well in Hillsborough under the able leadership of Mayor Christine Krolik who states that 7,000 of the 11,000 total residents are registered to vote. And that 11,000 number includes children as well as adults, so a truly extraordinary number of voting-age adults are actively participating in our democracy.

The people of Hillsborough have a real connection to their town. The public schools are a source of shining pride to the entire community, and indeed diplomas my children earned at Hillsborough public schools have a place of distinction in our home. The dedicated public servants of the Police, Fire, Public Works and Administration Departments are among the very best in our great state of California. The town cares deeply about their natural resources, and Hillsborough has set a very high standard for preservation of public space and preservation of natural beauty. Indeed, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary, the town will dedicate a new Centennial Park, which will be donated by the Hillsborough Beautification Foundation, which privately raised all of the funds for this wonderful community treasure.

The town of Hillsborough has a rich tapestry of history. Hillsborough has hosted Theodore Roosevelt for a Presidential visit, as well as Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush. Residents of Hillsborough have included such notable citizens as Bing Crosby, William Randolph Hearst, William Crocker and Rickey Henderson.

There will be a Memorial Day Parade of the Century planned for May 31. There is much to celebrate in the past 100 years in Hillsborough, and I join my many friends and neighbors there in recognizing the 100th Anniversary of Hillsborough.

Madam Speaker, please join me in celebrating this great occasion for this great town.

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