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As others saw Him.djvu


I. The Man with the Scourge 9
II. The Upbringing 21
III. Earlier Teaching. Sermon in the Synagogue of the Galilæans 37
IV. The Two Ways 55
V. The Woman Taken in Adultery. the Rich Young Man 63
VI. The Testings in the Temple 75
VII. The Second Sermon 87
VIII. The Rebuking of Jesus 99
IX. Jesus in the Temple 111
X. The Entry Into Jerusalem 121
XI. The Cleansing of the Temple 133
XII. The Woes 145
XIII. The Great Refusal 155
XIV. The Meeting of the Hananites 167
XV. The Examination Before the Sanhedrim 181
XVI. Condemnation and Execution 195
  Epilogue 207