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I. Change of Station 9
II. A Blizzard 17
III. Western Hospitality 30
IV. Cavalry on the March 37
V. Camping amoung the Soiux 49
VI. A Visit to the Village of “Two Bears” 60
VII. Adventures during the Last Days of the March 73
VIII. Separation and Reunion 86
IX. Our New Home at Fort Lincoln 94
X. Incidents of Every-day Life 104
XI. The Burning of our Quarters.—Carrying the Mail 115
XII. Perplexities and Pleasures of Domestic Life 124
XIII. A “Strong Heart” Dance! 131
XIV. Garrison Life 138
XV. General Custer’s Literary Work 149
XVI. Indian Depredations 154
XVII. A Day of Anxiety and Terror 159
XVIII. Improvements at the Post, and Gardening 167
XIX. General Custer’s Library 174
XX. The Summer of the Black Hills Expedition 181

XXI. Domestic Trials 194
XXII. Capture and Escape of Rain-in-the-face 203
XXIII. Garrison Amusements 216
XXIV. An Indian Council 225
XXV. Breaking Up of the Missouri 229
XXVI. Curious Characters and Excursionists among us 240
XXVII. Religious Services.—Leave of Absence 247
XXVIII. A Winter’s Journey across the Plains 253
XXIX. Our Life’s Last Chapter 261
APPENDIX: With Extracts of General Custer’s Letters 271