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Fifes and Drums, Poems of America at War, Vigilantes, 1917.djvu


America Unafraid Charles Hanson Towne 13
The Ultimate Argument Arthur Guiterman 16
The Song Marion Couthouy Smith 18
Peace with a Sword Abbie Farwell Brown 22
The Pacifist's Lament Don Marquis 24
At Any Price Lee Wilson Dodd 25
The Answer Marion Couthouy Smith 29
In Time of Danger Clinton Scollard 31
To America Lee Wilson Dodd 33
Ode to Tonsilitis Wallace Irwin 35
April 2nd Theodosia Garrison 37
The Flag Goes Up Amelia Josephine Burr 38
Fall In! Amelia Josephine Burr 40
Black Flag! Edith M. Thomas 42
A Song of Democracy Lee Wilson Dodd 44
Our Aim Louis How 47
The Binding of the Beast George Sterling 49
The Flag George E. Woodberry 53
To All Americans Amelia Josephine Burr 55
War Song of America Grantland Rice 57
Processional Cale Young Rice 59
Omniscient Mr. Fall Lee Wilson Dodd 61
The Stars and Stripes Theodosia Garrison 64
The German-American Katherine Lee Bates 66
Our Bargain Amelia Josephine Burr 68
Blow, O Ye Bugles Clinton Scollard 70
America in Arms Percy MacKaye 71
To the Allies Laura E. Richards 74
Of Kings Clinton Scollard 76
The Kaiser Florence Earle Coates 77
The Return of the Exiles George E. Woodberry 79
Messengers Florence Mary Bennett 80
Shoulder to Shoulder Clinton Scollard 82
The Roundabout Committee and the Circumlocution Board Wallace Irwin 84
America Lee Wilson Dodd 88
America, To Arms! Blanche Shoemaker Wagstaff 91
A Lesson in Manners Theodosia Garrison 92
Come to the Colors Laura E. Richards 94
Our Flag in France Marion Couthouy Smith 96
The American Flag Theodosia Garrison 98
The Young Blood Speaks Mary Farley Sanborn 100
Marching with Papa Joffre Percy MacKaye 102
It Is Better Louis How 105
Enlisted Willard Wattles 107
Currency M. E. Buhler 110
To Our Women Amelia Josephine Burr 111
To the Mothers Marion Couthouy Smith 113
The Girls They Left Behind Them Theodosia Garrison 115
A French Captain Amelia Josephine Burr 117
The Recruit Reginald Wright Kauffman 119
Prayer During Battle Hermann Hagedorn 121
They Also Serve Faith Baldwin 122
His Job Amelia Josephine Burr 124
Concerning Planting John Curtis Underwood 126
Spades Are Trumps! John Kemble 130
The War of Bread Edith M. Thomas 132
Columbia's Shop Theodosia Garrison 134
The Childless Amelia Josephine Burr 136
The Test Amelia Josephine Burr 138
A Song of Confidence Theodosia Garrison 139
"Ride, Vigilantes!" Edith M. Thomas 141