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Title Genius, and other essays
Author Edmund Clarence Stedman
Year 1911
Publisher Moffat, Yard
Location New York
Source djvu
Progress Proofread—All pages of the work proper are proofread, but not all are validated
Transclusion Fully transcluded


I. Genius 1
II. What is Criticism? 38
III. A Belt of Asteroids 46
IV. Keats 82
V. Landor 91
VI. William Blake, Poet and Painter 102
VII. Whittier 107
VIII. Mr. Bryant's "Thirty Poems" 111
IX. Mr. Bryant's "Homer" 125
X. Stoddard's Poems 141
XI. Mrs. Stoddard's Novels 154
XII. Mrs. Stoddard's Poems 159
XIII. Stoddard's Last Poem 166
XIV. Austin Dobson 174
XV. Eugene Field 183
XVI. Edwin Booth 193
XVII. King—"The Frolic and the Gentle" 215
XVIII. Guy Wetmore Carryl 220
XIX. Treasure Tombs at Mykenæ 225
XX. Sidney Lanier 250
XXI. Julia Ward Howe 254
XXII. Emma Lazarus 264
XXIII. Kipling's Ballads of "The Seven Seas" 268
XXIV. Wendell's "Cotton Mather" 274
XXV. Juliet's Runaway, Once More 280