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The Discovery of America13


Other Discoveries—Wet and Dry23


The Thirteen Original Colonies36


The Plymouth Colony47


Drawbacks of being a Colonist55


The Episode of the Charter Oak62


The Discovery of New York72


The Dutch at New Amsterdam82


Settlement of the Middle States92


The Early Aristocracy102


Intercolonial and Indian Wars110


Personality of Washington124


Contrasts with the Present Day131


The Revolutionary War142


Benjamin Franklin, LL.D., PhG, F.R.S., etc.152


The Critical Period160


The Beginning of the End170


The Close of the Revolution181


The First President191


The War with Canada203


The Advance of the Republic212


More Difficulties Straightened Out222


The Websters233


Befo' the Wah—Causes which Led to it—Masterly Grasp of the Subject shown by the author243


Bull Run and Other Battles252


some More Fratricidal Strife263


Still More Fraternal Bloodshed, on Principle—Outing Features Disappear, and give place to Strained Relations between Combatants, who begin to Mix Things274


Last Year of the Disagreeable War284

Too much Liberty in Places and not enough elsewhere.—Thoughts on the late War—Who is the bigger ass, the man who will not forgive and forget, or the mawkish and moist-eyed sniveler who wants to do that all the time297


Reconstruction without Pain—Administrations of Johnson and Grant305


Closing Chronicles317