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  • Scan index
  • original index (offset 6)
  • Scan quality: readable ("good" down to "readable")
  • OCR Quality: usable ("good" down to "unusable,")

Explanation for new readers[edit]

All articles for Volume 61 of the Dictionary of National Biography have been transcribed, but only some of them have been proofead. If you wish to see the original, we do have scanned images (pictures) of each page of the original. You may try to read these images. Pages are linked from annotations in the left margin of each article.

The scanned image quality in Volume 61 ranges from "good" down to "readable," with an overall quality of "readable."

Links to all scanned pages of volume 61 are available. As an alternative way to access teh scanned images.

The original volume has an index to its articles, starting at scanned page 479.

The page numbering for of the printed DNB volume does not match the page numbering of the Wikisource scanned page index, because the scanned pages include the front matter as numbered pages. Thus, you must add an offset to the printed page number to derive the Wikisource volume page number. For this volume, the offset is 6. Thus, if the DNB index page says an article is on page 450, you must go to wiksource page 450+(6) to find the article.

The Wikisource project team has not yet transcribed the DNB index for this volume.