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Guidance for Fasti ecclesiae Anglicanae

Guidance developed by billinghurst (talk)


  • ORANGE pages have been read, corrected and formatted once.
  • PINK pages have been imported and the OCR text added. They await initial modification

Clicking the PAGES link, updates the colours of the modified pages

Pink pages[edit]

Formatting applied header/footer[edit]

Click 'Edit' then click the +

  • To the top header after the existing text
  1. Add {{Sidenotes begin}}
  2. move in the page number
  3. move in the page title (centered)
  • To the bottom header, just before the /div
  1. add {{Sidenotes end}}
  2. very occasionally you will see a note to a footnote (see later)

Left sidenote[edit]

To insert the year of appointment and year of reign to left hand size

{{Left sidenote|YEAR<br />YEAR OF REIGN}}


To make the prelate's name appear in upper/small case use {{sc}}

{{sc|insert text here}}


Footnotes need to be moved in situ, ie. into the body of the page, and wiki software will recreated them as appropriate footnotes. To do this you need to use the ref tag, eg.

... body text body text<ref>Footnote text footnote text</ref> body text body text ...

If a footnote carries over from one page to the next, then please include the whole footnote on the first page where it appears. This will better enable the full page construction at a later time. Adding a comment in traditional html form into the footer is often reasonable guidance to proofreaders.

<!-- add a comment -->


Remove all typographical hyphens that are used to split words for editing purposes, ie. to break a word at the end of a line. We want to rejoin words that are single words.

As the final build concatenates pages, we need to have a special means to deal with words that undergo typographical hyphenation that occurs at the end of pages and consequentially at the beginning of the subsequent page. To do this we use the {{Hyphenated word start}} at the end of the occurring page and {{Hyphenated word end}} at the beginning of the following page.

The example mindbender ==> mind- ... bender

End of page ... {{Hyphenated word start|mind|mindbender}}
Start of next page ... {{Hyphenated word end|bender|mindbender}}

Note you can exclude the hype!

Notes to footnotes[edit]

These secondary footnotes have to be manually added.

In the body

  • Use {{ref}} at the place in the ref.
{{ref|1..26(identifier)|a..z(visible symbol/text)}}

In the footer, after References before Sidenotes

  • Use {{note}} TEXT OF NOTE
{{note|1..26(corresponding id)|a..z(corresponding symbol/text)}} TEXT OF NOTE 


Being unusual symbols usually fail OCR, watch out for these, and how to use alt and numpad to reproduce

  • æ reproduce alt 0230
  • Æ reproduce alt 0198
  • œ reproduce alt 0156
  • em dash reproduce alt 0151
  • é e acute reproduce alt 0233
  • à a grave reproduce alt 0224

Please add all questions and comments below. Guidelines will be updated above. -- billinghurst (talk)

Questions & Comments[edit]