Indian Palmistry/Signification of Animals, Flowers and Promiscuous Marks found on the Hand

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Signification of Animals, Flowers and Promiscuous Marks found on the Hand.

These are principally formed by the smaller lines running with the pores of the skin. Great care must therefore be taken in determining these forms, because very much depends on their position. The numbers herein referred to have reference to Plate II of the hand which I have set apart for the express purpose of showing these marks and signs.

The first space of the hand near to the mounts is that part which has principally to show the animal passions—lusts and intrigues.

Indian Palmistry Plate 2.jpg

The second space, or the part of the hand between the girdle of Venus and the Table line, deals more specifically with love affairs or the spiritual side, while the former treats more on the physical plane.

These two, therefore, taken together, may be considered the moral region of the hand.

The next space between the Table line and the Liver line may be called the mental and social region.

The one following this may be called the commercial region or the wealth generally of the person.

That space enclosed by the line of Life is the artistic or dramatic region.

The right hand side of the hand separated by the line of Saturn denotes the positive nature, while the left hand portion is the negative or imaginative nature of the individual.

If a fish or a similar figure be found at the root of the hand (No. 1) it signifies great success in the world—riches and many children.

If a lotus flower or like-shaped figure be here, the person, if a female, will be sure to become a great lady, in fact almost a queen. If the same be on a male hand he will be sure to be renowned and great (No. 2).

A serpent found here or on the wrist just above the Bracelet and near to the line of Saturn, the man will become a great warrior or hero (Nos. 1 and 3).

An octagonal figure placed between the line of Life and the Liver line will cause the person to be burdened with the possession of landed estates (No. 4).

If conch, or marine shells, or any circular figure be found here (No. 5) they presage that the person will be a learned man, especially if they should be found on the first phalanx of the little finger (No. 6), on the mount of Mercury (No. 7), or on the mount of the Moon (No. 8).

Should the sign of a flag be found here, and particularly on the mount of Mercury (No. 8) or on the palm of the hand (No. 9), the person will be a philosopher and a great thinker.

A trident (No. 10), the three-pronged sceptre of Neptune or similar figure, the person rises to great fame, almost a prince or princess. If the trident be formed, but somewhat indistinct, he will not rise so high, but sure to have very important appointments and be attached to royalty. He will also be very kind, generous, and likely to acquire fame.

If in the male hand, or even on the female hand, there be anything like a spear or bow and arrow the person is sure to get a throne (No. 11); and if all three, bow, arrow and lance together be there, the person is sure to be a king or queen (No. 12).

Should the sign of a wheel and flag come together on the same hand the person will have riches and power, respect among his fellow-men, will be a great ruler or prime minister, and be noted or celebrated for his wisdom and goodness (No. 13).

If the sign of an elephant, which of itself is good (No. 14), or the sign of an earring (No. 15) and wheel (No. 16) appear on the same hand together, the person is likely to be an emperor or great personage.

A hill (No. 17) or wristlet (No. 18) like a bough or something like the head of a man (No. 19), or a pitcher (No. 20), the person is almost sure to rise to the exalted position of a minister of state.

If the sign of a barleycorn be found on the flat part of the thumb the person will spend life very happily and go through life easily (No. 21). Should the barley appear on the mount of Mars, in the centre of the hand, the person will be very intellectual, respectable and wise (No. 22). Should the form of the barley be found under any two fingers, especially on the mount of Saturn, the possessor will lead a happy life, honourable, have a good partner in marriage and have many children (No. 23).

If the line of the Heart (or the line of Fortune in India) (No. 25), extend only to the mount of Apollo (the Sun), the person will scarcely live ten years. And should this line be broken in many places the person will die by drowning. But if another smaller line appear running parallel with the Heart line and which extends only to the mount of Apollo (No. 26), the person will meet his death either by a fall from a house or a tree. Should, however, this line extend from the outside part of the hand to the mount of Jupiter, the life will be long and good, if not broken.

If a line rises from mount of Venus to the first phalanx of the thumb he will be a commander of a large army (No. 27).

A vertical line on the mount of Jupiter, the possessor will be a great diplomatist, but an irreligious person (No. 28). If this line appear on the mount of Saturn, he will be a prosperous man with a beautiful wife and have many children (No. 29).

A line under the Sun denotes a trades person with a long life, but only rises to the middle class (No. 30).

If a vertical and well-defined line appear on the mount of Mercury (No. 31), the person is likely to lead a long life in a foreign country.

If the line of the Heart (Fortune line) goes to the mount of Saturn, he will live thirty years.

If the Life line and the Liver line (called the Head line in England) be separated entirely, the female will either be seduced before marriage or have illegitimate children, or in both sexes be illegitimate themselves.

If the palm of the hand be filled with numerous and indistinct marks or lines the person leads a very unhappy life.

If a person have single lines or marks thus = between the phalanges on the joints of the fingers and when counted together make twelve, they will be happy, prosperous and rich for the most part of life.

If they make thirteen he will be very unhappy.

If they make fifteen he will be dishonest or a thief.

If they make sixteen he will be a great gambler and cheat.

If they make seventeen he will be guilty of debauchery and much wickedness.

If they make eighteen the person will be very fortunate and religious.

If they make nineteen he will be very clever and respectable.

If they make twenty an enthusiast in religion.

If they make twenty-one he will be a great poet and become famous.

When these lines are joined at the ends and form the shape of a barleycorn or wheat, the fame and learning of the person depend on the number; one would be weak, two strong, and so on. If the lines just over the mounts be united at the ends, as described above, the person in whose hands the same appear will have riches and wealth, but generally by marriage. If they be united over all four fingers the person will be very rich, over three less wealthy and so on.

Small concentric circles, formed principally by the pores of the skin, on the points or first phalanges of the fingers and thumb, and these be not broken and appear the same on all four ringers and thumb, the person will be extremely famous and very powerful.

Also on the outer ridge of the hand will be found various marks.

All the marks above the Heart line indicate the number of wives, and all below the number of children, the short one indicates those that will probably die.

The line around the lower joint of the thumb just above the mount of Venus, if well-defined and clear, and particularly if they bend thus on the mount, denote the person to be famous as a sculptor or painter.

If on the mounts of Jupiter, Saturn, Apollo, Mercury, there be found concentric circles, and very complete, and in no way broken, the man will attain great wealth and power through marriage or marry some noted person.

If at the end of the Hepatica or Liver line there so an opening like the tail of a fish, the person will have great happiness and riches.