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“I betake myself to Allah for refuge from the accursed Shaitan; in the name of Allah, the Beneficent and the Merciful.”

Dear friend, Asslam – e – Alakum

There had been many addresses in Karachi before. There is neither any political objective of these addresses nor to hurt any sect or to criticize government. This message is only being delivered to the Loving – fellows. We want they listen and we deliver. Fifteen years back, first address was delivered in the small room at Golimar attended by four men. Then, this message was spread in every corner of the world. We had been hinted or indicated since last few days that popularize this message in other religions. We were thinking that if our own Muslims are not ready to understand it, then, how Hindus, Sikhs and Christians will understand and accept it. We thought that these indications may be wrong because many people had been indicated wrongly.

Mirza Ghulam Ahmed was declared Kafir due to these indicators, otherwise nothing was so serious to declare him as Kafir.

One day a man stood up after Jumma prayer at Latifabad. He said to people stay! And pay attention to my announcement Allah has revealed upon me declare yourself as prophet right now and say to people to accept it and follow you. He performed Nafil and again declarede that he is real prophet. “if they don’t trust you show them miracles” said Go Hearing the words, the people take off their shoes and chapples and started hitting at him. We thought, perhaps it was miracles. After few days, we met him at barber’s shop and asked him about his prophet hood. He said that after receiving rewards in the form of shoes I felt that it was devil’s deception. We too, were given such indications like him. We were also taught about these indications during our spiritual knowledge.

There is no fixed time for acquiring knowledge of “Shariat”. When a handful beard appears on man’s face, he starts offering namaz, this is what shariat says. Then, it is knowledge of “Tareeqat” the human’s heart that strengthen him submitted in the honour of Holy prophet (Peace be upon him), then, it becomes knowledge of Tareeqat.

After that, there is knowledge of “Haqeeqat” in which holy Prophet (Peace be upon him) himself teaches such souls. After that, there is knowledge of “Mairfat” in which people are blessed with “Deerdar–e–Allah”.

We were thinking that if these indications are wrong then we’ll be similarly treated like Ghulam Ahmed. But, If these hints are correct, then, we’ll be hanged like Shah Mansoor. We were compelled and thinking what to do. Finally, we courged and started expericing such indications. Except Islam countries, we also visited Europe and America. We delivered lectures to Hindus, Sikhs and Christians. They saying this knowledge is available in their holy books. We too, we searching this knowledge in our holy books. They were deceply inspired by our teaching and started saying “Allah Allah”. Now, Allah’s side. Because a Muslim can’t say Allah Allah unless He wishes. When the people were satisfied, they invited us in their Churches and temples. We delivered lectures over there. Hazrat Abu Hurera says that I got two types of knowledge from Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him). One that I mentioned, and second one, If I disclose it, I’ll be imposed a law by religion to be murdered.

It was our firm belief that a person can’t be called a Muslim without Kalima. He says only Allah Allah when he is a Muslim. That knowledge taught that Allah is omnipotent. He can bestowed upon any one. Even it is a Kafir, his heart says Allah Allah and will be completely inclined towards Him. He will be included in that party with whom is Allah.

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