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Since independence is the right of every nation, any form of subjugation in this world, being contrary to humanity and justice, must be abolished.

The struggle for Indonesia's independence has reached a stage of glory in which the Indonesian state which is independent, united, sovereign, just and prosperous.

With the blessing of God Almighty, and moved by the highest ideals to lead a free national life, the Indonesian people hereby declare their independence.

Further, to establish a Government for the Indonesian State to protect the whole Indonesian people and country; to promote the public welfare; to raise the standard of living; and to participate in establishing a world order which is founded on freedom, eternal peace and social justice; National independence is set forth in a Constitution of the Indonesian State, which is a Republic resting upon the people's sovereignty and founded on: the belief in God, with the obligation for the professors of the Islamic faith to abide by the Islamic laws, in accordance with the principle of righteous and moral humanity, the unity of Indonesia, and a democracy led by wise guidance through consultations/representation, ensuring social justice for the whole Indonesian people.

Djakarta, June 22, 1945.

Signed: Ir Sukarno, Dr. Mohammad Hatta, Mr. A. A. Maramis, Abikusno Tjokrosujoso, Abdulkahar Muzakir, H. A. Salim, Mr. Achmad Subardjo, Wachid Hasjim, Mr. Muhammad Yamin.

This work is deemed not to be infringement of copyright in Indonesia since it is a:

  1. publication and/or reproduction of the symbol of the state and the national anthem in accordance with their original nature; or
  2. publication and/or reproduction of anything which is published by and/or behalf of the Government of Indonesia and the copyright is not declared to be reserved.

This work is still under copyright in Indonesia. No modification allowed. Use original text only. See Article 14 Paragraph a and b of Copyright Act of Republic of Indonesia for more details.

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