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Owen McLaughlin  (1931) 

Owen McLaughlin (1863-1931) obituary in the The Jersey Journal on March 31, 1931.

Owen McLoughlin. Following a short illness. Owen McLoughlin [sic], a resident of the Greenville section over 41 years, died Sunday in his home, 28 McAdoo Avenue, in his 68th year. Mr. McLoughlin [sic] was born in County Longford, Ireland and came here when a young man. He engaged in the coal business in the Greenville section many years ago and was well known by the businessmen and residents of the section. He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Margaret McLoughlin; one son, James, and two daughters, Mrs. Catherine Rankin and Mrs. Margaret Enright.

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Notes: Owen McLaughlin is the correct spelling of his name.