Landon in The Literary Gazette 1825/Portrait 1

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Literary Gazette, 4th June, 1825, Page 363


She leant her head bowed down upon her hand,
A delicate small hand, with a slight flush
Of red inside, as it had prest her cheek
And stolen its blush; that cheek was very pale:
'Twas not all sickness, sadness, or deep thought,
But as it mingled each and all of them.
Health were too rude a gift for her slight form;
And for her sadness,—'twas not that which springs
From evil fortune, sorrow, or disgust,
But that which ever waits upon deep thought.
Her dark hair was just parted on her brow,
Careless, yet graceful, for it suited well
A face which seemed not made for vanity;
And eloquent words were passing; and at times
Her eyes were raised and lighted up; they struck
Upon her spirit's own fine chords; at last
She spoke—her voice was low and tremulous—
With that beseechingness of tone and air
Which is a woman's own peculiar charm.
Oh! never should a woman's words be more
Than sighs which have found utterance.L. E. L.