Latter Day Saints' Messenger and Advocate/Volume 2/Number 12/Index to Volume 2

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Note: Some headings and bracketed texts are editorial and not part of the original text.

INDEX TO Vol. 2nd

A. Page.
Address to the saints 219
A Valedictory of J. Whitmer, 285
Abolitionists, 299
Atlas article, 301
Apology editorial 203
Church of Christ, order of, 212
Comment on Matthew 18:7, 230
Comment on Proverbs 13:15, 238
Communication from the 70, 253
Communication from O. Hyde, 256
Comments on John 14:6, 264
Communication from F. Nicerson 270
do do Solomon Hancock 272
do do A. J. Squiers 288
do do J. Smith Jr. on Abolition 289
do do W. Parrish do 295
do do O. Hyde 296
do do S. Rigdon 297
Clerk of 70 notice concerning H. Stratten 299
Comment on 1st Peter 4:7 305
Communication from P. P. Pratt 318
Conference Minutes Chalk Level Ten. 331
Communication from J. M. 332
do do S. Rigdon do
Comment on 1st Tim. 2:1,2
Conference Minutes Portage N. Y. 350
do do Lawrence, Ohio 364
Communication from Messrs Patten & Parrish 365
Communication from W 375
Conference Notice 377
Conference Minutes, Newry Me. 381
do Millsford, Ohio, 382
Delusion beware of 250
Dedication of the House of the Lord 274
do Prayer 277
D B Gilbert Notice of 380

page 384

Egyptian Mummies 233
Extract of W. Parrish's letter to his parents 281
Extract of W. A. Cowdry's letter 291
Elders abroad 303
Extract of a letter of J. M. 313
Elders abroad 330
Eldrrs [Elders] Licenses 335
Elders abrond [abroad] 350
do do 367
Elders Licensed ib
Elders abroad ib
Editorial 378
Extract from Book of Covenants 379
House of the Lord 270
Hymns 208
do 224
do Hosanna 256
do "How good it is to sing" 272
do "Arise ye saints of Latter days" 288
Indians 245
Interview with a Jew 263
Israel Gathering of 369
Letter of Wm. W. Phelps No. 11 193
do of O. Cowdery do 8 195
do of the "Twelve" 204
do of P. Dustin 207
do do L. T. Coons ib
do do Noah Packard 208
do do J. Smith Junr. to the elders 209
do do E. Partridge & I. Morely 220
do do Wm. W. Phelps No. 12 221
do do O. Pratt 223
do do S. Wixom 224
do do J. Smith Jr. to the elders abroad 225
do do W. Woodruff 237
do Extract of S. Browns ib.
do of H. Aldrich ib.
do of J. Smith Jr. 240
do of S. Rigdon 241
Let every man learn his duty 248
Letter extract of 2 2
do from G. Burket 256
do do Oliver Barr 257
do do S. Rigdon 258
Letter extracts 263
Letter of J. M. 294
do do O. Barr 273
do do S. Rigdon ib
Latter Day Saints from "Ohio Free Press" 315
Letter commendatory of J. Hewet 316
do of P. P. Pratt 317
do do O. Barr to S. Rigdon 321
do do S. Rigdon in Reply 226
do do Wm. W. Phelps No. 1 2d series 340
Letters of Presidency to J. Thornton & others 359
Letters of Presidency to Wm. W. Phelp[s] & others 355
Letter Extract of ib
Letter from Editor 372
Meeting of quorums 266
Meeting public of citizens of Clay, co. Mo. 353
do do do 359
do of Elders of church L. D. S. in Clay Co. Mo. ib
do of citizens of Clay Co. Mo. 360
Marriage notice of 361
Morning 367
Moroni's Lamentation 368
Notice editorial 224
do Clerk of 70 concerning H. Stratten 237
do J. Smith Jr. 238
do editorial 240
do W. A. Cowdery 263
do of Conference ib
do do High Council 271
do do Editorial 272
do do do 288
do do do 329
do of conference in Ky. 335
do do Cornelious P. Lott 335
do do Editorial 364
do do Conference Milsford, Ohio. 368
Obituary, notice of G. H. Schenk. 207
do do Mrs. Mary West ib
Old times persecution of from Fox Book of Martyrs 214
Obituary of Rachal Rank 219
do Joseph Johnson 340
do Joshua Davis ib
do Lucy Gates ib
do Sylverster M. Smith ib
do Christian Whitmer ib
do Electa Gee 245
do Alta Hancock 273
do Caswell Matlock ib
do Elizabeth Hough 273
do David Thompson ib
do Curtis Stoddard Jr. ib
do Naomi Harmon 329
do Mrs. Mary Smith 335
do Miss Mary Smith do
do George Bump 361
Obituary of Chloe Rudd 382
do. Jabez Carter ib
do. son of Daniel Carter 383
Perfection 310
Prophetic Warning 342
Prayer Secret 302
do Dedication 277
Request editorial 202
Resolutions of quorums 267
Remarks editorial on the Elyria article 313
do on Ohio Free Press article 314
do J. Hewets letter 316
do P. P. Pratts letter 317
do Editorial 346
do do 353
do do 360
Reflections ib
Saints of the Last days 307
do abroad 347