Latter Day Saints' Messenger and Advocate/Volume 2/Number 6/Notices

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—>Those who are in arrears for the Messenger and Advocate, will please forward the amount to Oliver Cowdery; with the exception of those who reside in Missouri, they will please settle their arrears with John Whitmer. We hope that our friends will bear in mind, that paper, ink, and labor, cannot be obtained without the money; therefore, we are under the necessity to call on those who are indebted to us for assistance, which will be thankfully received.

Euclid,-February, 1836

I would respectfully represent to you, that through my instrumentality, and the grace of our God, there has been raised up in this place a small branch of a church of Latter Day Saints, consisting of sixteen members. This little branch of our Heavenly Fathers Kingdom has never before been represented. You will notice them in the Messenger and Advocate as you see proper.

Yours truly

A. J. Squires.

J. Whitmer Esq.

Arise ye saints of Latter Days, Go forth ye heralds of our God,

And sing your great Redeemers praise; Proclaim his gospel far abroad,

With joyful hearts arise: In ev'ry foreign clime:

Let ev'ry voice in accents tower, Go visit lands and isles unknown,

Till heav'nly blessings on us pour In ev'ry realm, in ev'ry zone,

Down through the parting skies! Till time with you shall end.

Hosanna! let the echo spring, Then rise and join the hallow'd throng.

Triumphant on exulting wing, Who sing the everlasting song,

Above the pow'rs of hell; In an eternal strain,

Until with God we do prevail, Of "Holy holy, King of kings,

And view the things within the vail, Who wast, and art," while heaven rings,

And in his presence dwell. And seraphs shout Amen!

Hosanna! let the angels say,

Who dwell in realms of endless day,

With Enoch's perfect band!

Amen, amen, let earth resound,

And all the saints where e'er they're found.

Repair to Zion's lands.