Letitia Elizabeth Landon (L. E. L.) in Fisher's Drawing Room Scrap Book, 1839

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Letitia Elizabeth Landon
(L. E. L.)
Fisher’s Drawing Room Scrap
Book, 1839

compiled by
Peter J. Bolton



I have again to solicit the indulgence which the Public have so often accorded to this Work. I ask it now perhaps for the last time, on my own part. Leaving England for an indefinite period, time and distance may interfere with my completion of a task rendered gratifying by the continued favour which has rewarded my efforts to please. For the last few years, the Drawing Room Scrap-book has been the cherished record of my poetical impressions, and my only poetical work; and I grew gradually to look forward to June and July, as recalling my first keen delight in composition, and giving words to those fancies and feelings which constitute, especially, a woman’s poetry. It was the object of my Publishers to give a selection of Plates from the many expensive Works in which they were engaged; and it has been mine to give their historical and imaginative associations. I shall hope, with all the freshness of the new scenes and thoughts, to write for England when far away from its shores: but that hope is indeed an uncertainty. As it is, I cannot but express my deep sense of the kindness I have received from the Public, and entreat its continuance for the present volume.

I must, in conclusion, permit myself the gratification of a few words, most cordial in their expression of obligation to my Publishers. Many circumstances may interrupt my future literary efforts; and I may not have another opportunity of offering my thanks for the constant liberality and kindness that I have met from Messrs. Fisher. I have always received the utmost assistance and encouragement; and I cannot better close these pages than by my sincere good wishes and earnest thanks.

L. E. L.