Letter from Henry VIII to Cardinal Wolsey

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The original letter

Original text[edit]

myne awne good cardinall I recomande me vnto yow as hartely as hart can thynke/ so it is that by cause wrytting to me is somwhat tedius and paynefull/ therfor the most part off thes bysynesses I haue comyttyd to our trusty coseler thys berrar to be declaryd to yow by mowthe to whyche we wolde you shulde gyff credens/ nevertheles to thys that folowith I thought not best to make hym pryue nor non other but yow and I whyche is that I wolde you shulde make good wache on the duke off suffolke on the duke off bukyngam on my lord off northe omberla on my lord off darby on my lord off wylshere and on others whyche yow thynke suspecte to see what they do wt thes nwes/ no more to yow at this tyme but sapienti pauca

wryttyne wt the hand off your louyng master

Henry R

Modern translation[edit]

My own good Cardinal, I recommend myself unto you as heartily as heart can think.

So it is that because writing, to Me, is somewhat tedious and painful; therefore the most part of these businesses I have committed to Our trusty councillor; this bearer to be declared to you by mouth; to which We would have you give credence.

Nevertheless to this that follows I thought not best to make him privy; nor none other but you and I, which is that I would have you make good watch on the Duke of Suffolk, on the Duke of Buckingham, on My Lord of Northumberland, on My Lord of Derby, on My Lord of Wiltshire, and on others which you think suspect to see what they do with this news.

No more to you at this time, but sapienti pauca. (Few words to the wise)

Written with the hand of your loving master,

Henry R