Letter from John Curtis to Alexander Henry Haliday 14 July 1831 and undated 1831

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Letter from John Curtis to Alexander Henry Haliday 14 July 1831 and undated 1831
by John Curtis

Curtis to A.H.H. 14th July 1831 - extracts only. I received your second kind letter and unexpectedly finding that Mr. Davies is about to go to Ireland I hasten to reply to both of them….. .. Both Mr. Walker [1] and Mr. Dale [2] have captured each a specimen of a very minute Stylops [3] which I hope to figure this year for if I am not deceived they will form a new genus or else belong to Xenos. I shall be very glad of your opinion. You will find Periope, Orphnephilus, Cordyla, Sciophila and the Palpomyiae in the addenda and I regret that your last letter did not reach till after my Guide [4] was published, the remainder of which I now have the pleasure of transmitting to you. I value much the information that follows in your letter relative to Spathius, Stenocera, and Pezomachus and regret that I cannot satisfy you on the point respecting the sexes. My Senegal collection is indeed a valuable and interesting one but it contained nothing but Coleoptera of which I have many duplicates and nothing would give me greater pleasure than adding to your friends collection in exchange for Hymenops and Coleops The genus Podagrion I have not. I have recd. some useful insects from Germany in exchange and have added a few New Holland [5] and Java insects as well as some S. American. Many thanks for the Rogas, Bracon (Rhyssalus) (which Mr. Walker had), Callomyia, Bolitophila and Medeterus. .. I am ashamed of the bad use I sometimes make of the valuable materials you have so often been so kind as to place in my hands - unfortunately the greater portion of the subscribers to BE [6]want large and handsome insects that it requires some contrivance to cater for all. I trust however this will not deter you from sending me information which will be thankfully received and made the best use of in my power. I anticipated the pleasure of adding a new species (to Britain) of Dolichopus to your cabinet but I see you have it. D, plumipes, and which I took on the shore at Wareham, Dorset, I shall carefully look over your divisions of this genus the first day I have. ….. By the bye, I trust you will bear in mind that any year when you are disposed to make a scientific excursion in Ireland, or to Switzerland, if you have not a companion better to your mind you will not forget me and perhaps if you have, you would not object to a trio….. ..Your name Oncocera has-been employed by Stephens for a genus of moths, .. The Cinctus is a beautiful one to figure and the Aphidius I shall avail myself of; also Stilpnus and Atraclodes - Drapetis is new to me. What is the size of your Sciophilus pictipennis? It is a beautiful thing and reminds me of the genus Leptomorphus which I have just pub. The Palpomyia and Cordyla are I believe new to me. Dolichopus nobilitatus and Bibio clavipes if I have a specimen of shall be put into a box for you and I beg that whenever you desire to have any particular insects that you will not hesitate to ask them of me for if I have a duplicate there is no-one to whom I should have greater pleasure in transmitting it than to yourself. ….. I had almost forgotten to say that Dale and I spent 10 days in the New Forest and had the gratification of finding the Cicada which we have been searching for 12 years and a great many other insects which I have not time to mention but hope to give some of them to you. ….. We fagged very hard. I was in the Forest at 4 am. 14th July 1831. PS. The concluding volume of Meigen [7] [Systematische Beschreibung der bekannten europäischen zweiflügeligenInsekten] is published, price 16s. Shall I get it for you? Also 2 vols. of Dejean's [8] Coleoptera, being the final of the Carabidae, and I dare say of the work„

undated 1831. JC - AHH.

….. and if you favour me with any remarks on the Stylops which I make a new Genus I hope you will let me have them before the 1st of November for the Plate is already engraved. ….. My Meigen is by no means an elegant copy but it has not the defects you mention…... ….. Many thanks for the sketch of Stylops, Have you taken more than one new ….. Thanks for the Stilpnus which I am about to publish, any information will be acceptable. ….. The insects you want from Germany I want also and will therefore procure them for you as often as I can but at present the cholera retards everything and then winter puts a stop to any parcels from thence Mr. Templeton's [9] box has been ready sometime not looked to, which I sho’ be sorry for as I have named them with great care.