Letter to Sheikh ‘Abd Al-Raheem Al-Tahane

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In the name of Allah, most gracious, most merciful.

His Eminence, Sheikh ‘Abd Al-Raheem Al-Tahane - God protects him – Islamic Greetings

May Allah reward you all for your comments we asked you to express in our letter entitled “Enunciation of the atheism of the Saudi regime”.

After reviewing those comments, we want to inform you of the following:

First: We have taken the advice that it would not be suitable to quote any scholars still serving. We have decided to omit those quotes from this letter and only mention other available evidence.

Second: As you wanted to know the reasons behind raising this matter at this specific time, although there were past occasions to raise it, we would like to inform you of the following:

1-We do not disagree with you that the present Saudi regime (which is dissident from Islam) existed for a long time as shown in the letters and Fatwa’s of Sheikh Mohammed Bin Ibrahim Al Al-Sheikh.

2-On the other hand, there were several factors and many reasons that this subject was not raised previously.

The most important of these reasons is our inability to familiarize ourselves with the reality of the regime until now. The Saudi regime publicly appears to administer some of the Shari’a laws, serves as the custodian of the holy sites, spreads the D’awa, favors some scholars and supports some Islamic causes. The regime has largely succeeded in deceiving and misleading the nation of its secular reality.

His deception over the nation became stronger as he began utilizing governmental media sources and scholarly agencies, which spared no effort in establishing in the minds of the people the picture of the Saudi rulers as leaders of the Muslims and defenders of the religion.

In the shadow of this confusion, we didn’t have a chance of knowing the real regime. Whoever lived in Al-Jazeera[1] under the influence of this reality knows the truthfulness of what we say.

After realizing the danger and importance of the matter, we began making contacts with some of our brothers inside; from the scholars and Du’aat (callers to Islam) and others who have the same interest in studying what has to be done. Those communications took quite some time.

Our interest in this matter during the past several years (we lived abroad) was a cause of anger to the ruling regime. They attempted to discourage us with various desirous and intimidation methods.

Some believe that what we are doing now to legally expose the regime and stand against it is only a reaction to the regime’s oppressive action against us; however, this is simply an illusion partly established by the unintended simultaneous announcement of some of those actions by the regime and the establishment of the Advice and Reform Commission by us.

The reality is that these actions by the regime were a reaction to our moves. The matter was raised in the scientific and D’awa (call to Islam) societies and others, but not vice versa.

If in your opinion the previous justifications were not sufficient to delay discussion of this grave matter, then we should be judged as having been silent while witnessing a sin being committed. We corrected our behavior and returned to the truth, and the truth should be followed.

Finally, we ask Allah the Almighty to guide us all in what He loves and accepts.

Peace, mercy and blessing of Allah be upon you

Your Brother

‘Osama Bin Mohammed Bin Laden

Wikisource notes[edit]

  1. Reference to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia