Life of Henry Clay/Illustrations (Volume II)

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John J. Crittenden

   From a daguerreotype in the possession of the Century Company.

   Autograph from the Chamberlain collection, Boston Public Library.

   The vignette of "Ashland," Mr. Clay's home, near Lexington, Ky., is from a photograph of an engraving, kindly furnished by H. C. McDowell, Esq., the present owner of the estate.
Thomas Ewing facing 102
   From a portrait painted in 1856, by Israel Quick, in the possession of Mrs. Thomas Ewing, Yonkers, N. Y.

   Autograph from a letter in the possession of his grandson, Thomas Ewing, Jr., New York, N. Y.

Henry Clay delivering his Farewell Address before the United States Senate, March 31, 1842 facing 226
   After an engraving from the original painting by Peter Frederick Rothermel.
David Wilmot facing 286
   From a painting by Marchant in the possession of Wilmot's niece, Mrs. George W. Merrick, Wellsboro, Pa.
   Autograph from a MS. in the possession of Andrew H. Allen, Esq., Washington, D. C.
Thomas Corwin facing 356
   From a photograph by Brady in the Library of the Department at Washington.

   Autograph from the Chamberlain collection, Boston Public Library.