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N.B. — The Mark * indicates a Gown Boy.


Oakley, Benjamin, 1810-13, b. 1798. Stock Exchange; deceased.

Oakley, Edward Banner, 1818, b. 1806.

Oakeley, Arthur, 1823. Son of Rev. Herbert Oakeley, of Oakeley, Prebend, of Worcester, b. 1815. New Inn Hall, Oxf. Holy Orders; deceased.

Oakeley, Herbert, 1823. Brother of the above, b. 1813. Army; deceased.

O'Beirne, Francis Stuart, 1857. Left same year. b. 1841.

O'Beirne, Lewis Ornsby, 1857. Left same year. b. 1843.

O'Brien, Joseph, 1805-7, b. 1790. Rear Admiral. Late of Yew House, Hoddesden.

O'Connor, Roderick, 1800. Left same year.

Ogden, Aylmer, 1862-64, b. 1849.

Ogden,* Charles Winslow, 1865, b. 1854.

Ogden,* Lyndhurst, 1857-65, b. 1847. Trin. Coll. Cam.

Ogden,* Richard Tynwald, 1856-64, b. 1845. Trin. Coll. Cam. Curate of West Derby, Liverpool.

Ogilby, Alexander Beaufort, 1817, b. 1804.

Ogle,* Charles, 1811-16. Son of Rev. John Savile Ogle, of Kirkley Hall. b. 1799. Ch. Ch. Oxf.; deceased.

Ogle, Robert, 1827. Son of Robert Ogle, of Eglingham, Northumb. b. 1817. Barrister. J.P. for Northumberland. Eglingham Hall, Alnwick.

Ogle, William Pomeroy, 1872. Son of Rev. W. R. Ogle, Vicar of Bishops Teignton. b. 1859. Ch. Ch. Oxf.

O'Grady,* Hon. Frederick Standish, 1858-65. Son of the 2nd Visct. Guillamore. b. 1847. Wanganui, New Zealand.

O'Grady, Hon. Reginald Grimston Standish, 1852-55. Brother of the above, b. 1839. Inland Revenue Office, Somerset House; died 1874.

O'Grady, Standish Thomas, 1827, b. 1811. Trin. Coll. Cam.

Okeden, Uvedale Parry, 1823. Son of the late David Okenden Parry Okeden, of More Crichel, Dorset. b. 1808; died 1826.

Okeden, William Henry Parry, 1874. Son of the late William Parry Okeden, of Turnworth, Dorset, b. 1860. Bengal Civil Service.

Okeden, William Parry, 1809-10. Son of David Okeden Parry, who assumed the name of Okeden. Bengal Civil Service; d. 1868.

Oldfield,* Edmund Prescot, 1873. Son of Henry A. Oldfield, M.D., of Torquay, b. 1862.

Oldfield, George, 1867, b. 1854.

Oldham, Charles Furley, 1871. Son of Clement Jackson Oldham, late of Ealing. b. 1858. Wine Merchant.

Oldham, Clement Hugh, 1866-67. Brother of the above. b. 1853. Secretary of the Hospital for Diseases of the Throat and Chest.

Oliver, William, 1810-12, b. 1795. Solicitor.

Oliver, William James, 1874. Son of R. Oliver, of Lockside House, Kelso.

Onley, Onley Harvey Savill- 1806. (See Page).

Onslow, Denzil Hughes- 1877. (See Page).

Onslow (Sir) Henry (Bart.), 1821. Son of Sir Henry Onslow, 2nd Bart. b. 1809. Capt. 10th Regt. d. 1870.

Onslow, Henry Cope, 1821, b. 1809. Demy, and Fellow Magd. Coll. Oxf. deceased.

Onslow, William, 1821, b. 1810. Emm. Coll. Cam. India Civil Service; deceased.

Orange, Charles Burton, 1813-14, b. 1799.

Orford, Alfred, 1870. Son of John Orford, of Brookes Hall, Ipswich, b. 1858. Lieut. Royal Marine Artillery.

Oriel, Charles George Carpenter, 1812-15, b. 1800. Solicitor; died 1874.

Oriel, Frederick Henry Carpenter, 1817, b. 1803. Medical Practitioner; died 1867.

Oriel, Richard Hicks, 1809-12, b. 1797. Solicitor; d. 1854.

Orlebar, Alexander Charles, 1826. Son of Richard Orlebar, of Hinwick, Beds. b. 1813. Lieut. Royal Engineers; drowned at Bermuda 1833.

Orme,* Frederick Doveton, 1853-60, b. 1842. Army; died of fever in India 1861.

Ormsby,* William Arthur, 1824. Son of the late Major Ormsby. b. 1812. Univ. Coll. Oxf. Rector of Smallburgh, and Hon. Canon of Norwich.

Orr, Charles Gathorne Edmund, 1876. Son of Rev. Alexander Orr, Rector of Cheriton, Hants.

Osborn, Edward Haydon, 1848-52. Son of the late Rev. Edward Osborn. b. 1832. Gold Medal. St. John's Coll. Oxf. 1st Class Lit. Hum. Newdigate Prize for English Verse 1855. Inspector of Factories, Rochdale.

Osborn, William Alexander, 1853-60, b. 1843. B.N.C. Oxf.

Osborne, Ralph Bernal, 1819. (See Bernal-Osborne).

Osmond, Thomas Johnson, 1819, b. 1809.

Oswald, Henry Murray, 1846-51. Son of Genl. Sir John Oswald, G.C.B. b. 1832. Ch. Ch. Oxf. 1st Class Law and Modern History. Rector of Great Hallingbury, Essex.

Otter, William Bruére, 1819. Son of William Otter, Bishop of Chichester. b. 1805. St. Peter's, Cam. Vicar of Cowfold, Sussex. Archdeacon of Lewes; d. 1876.

Ottey,* Francis Ferrand, 1805-11. Son of Philip Egerton Ottey. b. 1795. Treasury.

Ottley, Herbert Taylor, 1872. Son of Rev. L. Ottley, Canon of Ripon and Rector of Richmond, Yorks. b. 1861. Scholar of Keble Coll. Oxf.

Ottley,* John Bickersteth, 1858-64. Brother of the above. b. 1845. Emm. Coll. Cam.

Ottway, Loftus. (See Hughes, William J. Marjoribanks).

Overend, James, 1863. Left same year. b. 1849.

Overend, William Heysham, 1863. Left same year. b. 1851.

Owen, Francis, 1818, b. 1802.

Owen, Frederick Charles, 1818, b. 1803.

Owen, John Ord, 1820, b. 1806.

Owen, Langer, 1877. Son of William Owen, of Sydney, New South Wales, b. 1862.

Owtram, Cuthbert Ellidge, 1878. Son of R. H. Owtram, 37, Warrington Crescent, London, b. 1864.

Oxley, John Stewart, 1875. Son of J. Stewart Oxley, of Fen Place, Turner's Hill, Sussex, b. 1863.

Oxley, Reginald Stewart, 1877. Brother of the above.