Littell's Living Age/Volume 139/Issue 1798

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Fifth Series,
Volume XXIV.
No. 1798. — November 30, 1878. From Beginning

I. The Eighteenth Century, Cornhill Magazine, 515
II. Within the Precincts. By Mrs. Oliphant. Part XVIII., Advance Sheets, 527
III. The Character of the Humorist. By Charles Lamb, Fortnightly Review, 533
IV. Robert E. Cooper, Jr., a French Sketch of an English Business Man. Translated for The Living Age, Rudolph Lindau, 538
V. Originality of the Character of Christ, Contemporary Review, 544
VI. Chrysanthema Gathered from the Greek Anthology, Nineteenth Century, 554
VII. A Chinese in Philadelphia, Academy, 564
VIII. The Old Bed of the Oxus, Pall Mall Gazette, 567
IX. Hans Hendrik, Academy, 570
IX. The Various Causes of Scepticism, Spectator, 573
X. Lichens, Sunday Magazine, 576
Hymn by St. Columba, 514  Leith Hill, 514