Littell's Living Age/Volume 1

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No. 1. — May 11, 1844.[edit]


  1. Simpson's Discoveries on the North Coast of America Quarterly Review
  2. Prescott's History of the Conquest of Mexico Quarterly Review
  3. Letter from Charles Edwards, Esq. Blackwood's Magazine
  4. Ralph Waldo Emerson Foreign Quarterly Review
  5. Fitz-Greene Halleck Foreign Quarterly Review
  6. W. C. Bryant Foreign Quarterly Review
  7. H. W. Longfellow Foreign Quarterly Review
  8. The Mauvais Pas Blackwood's Magazine
  9. On French Cookery London Magazine
  10. The Nile—Its Battles—Cairo Dublin University Magazine
  11. The Anonymous Letter Monthly Magazine
  12. The Queen - Royal George and Billiard Table Punch


  1. Oh, ask me not how long
  2. Sir Hilary charged at Agincourt
  3. The Spring Shower
  4. Oh come to me now
  5. The Stolen Kiss
  6. I envy thee, thou careless wind
  7. Come from my first, aye come
  8. When heavenly sounds
  9. Yes, labor, love!

No. 2 — May 25, 1844.[edit]


  1. Correspondence
  2. The Tailor Creditor Metropolitan
  3. Greece Spectator
  4. The British Fleet Blackwood’s Magazine
  5. Life upon the Nile—Songs of the Nile—Memphis Dublin Univcrsity Magazine
  6. The Greenwood Shrift Blackwood’s Magazine
  7. Cheap Postage Spectator
  8. The Client's Story Friendship’s Offering
  9. Barère's Memoirs (by Macaulay) Edinburgh Review
  10. New Books and Reprints


  1. Come, gentle sleep
  2. Vale Crucis
  3. The Child's Warning
  4. The Family Meeting
  5. Village Blacksmith
  6. Song for the Million


  1. Legal Examination
  2. Lifts for Lazy Lawyers
  3. To the Brothers Cheeryble
  4. Spanish Intelligence

No. 3 — June 1, 1844.[edit]


  1. Correspondence
  2. The First Offence Chambers’ Journal
  3. Casa Wappy Hood’s Magazine
  4. Wellington and Napoleon Punch
  5. The Night before the Duel Spectator
  6. Polecats of the Press Punch
  7. Railways for the Million Spectator
  8. Our Family, a domestic Tale Hood’s Magazine
  9. The Freethinker Blackwood’s Magazine
  10. Duelling and its Punishment Punch
  11. /Issue 3/Hume Quarterly Review
  12. Emigrants of San Tommaso New Monthly Magazine
  13. The New Faith Spectator
  14. Pauper’s Christmas Carol Punch


  1. Emigrant Mother
  2. What shall I have for Breakfast?


  1. Heartless Spoliation
  2. Lifts for Lazy Lawyers
  3. Anecdote of Prince Albert
  4. Church Needlework

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