Littell's Living Age/Volume 134/Issue 1726/To Victor Hugo

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<poem> Victor in poesy, Victor in romance, Cloud-weaver of phantasmal hopes and fears, French of the French, and lord of human tears; Child-lover; bard whose fame-lit laurels glance Darkening the wreaths of all that would advance, Beyond our strait, their claim to be thy peers; Weird Titan by thy winter weight of years As yet unbroken, stormy voice of France! Who dost not love our England — so they say; I know not — England, France, all man to be Will make one people ere man’s race be run: And I, desiring that diviner day, Yield thee full thanks for thy full courtesy To younger England in the boy my son.

[note: in 1880, Tennyson rewrote the first line to read: "Victor in drama, Victor in romance,"]