Littell's Living Age/Volume 138/Issue 1777/May

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     Come, let us goe, while we are in our prime,
     And take the harmiesse follie of the time.

Spring's hands, in Shakespeare's words, you say,
     "Do paint the meadows with delight" —
I go where artist hands in May
     Hang paintings far more bright!

Though soft the twilight star that shines
     On grassy mead and limpid stream —
The stars I seek when day declines
     In Covent Garden beam!

Though sweet the thousand liquid notes
     Your feathered songsters warble here —
My birds of eve from tuneful throats
     Now utter notes more dear!

Farewell, ye streams, ye meads, ye flowers,
     Until your autumn robes ye wear —
Though May is fair in country bowers,
     'Tis fairest in Mayfair!